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Affordable crop tops, shorts, and a jumper skirt + Dresslink Review


Dresslink is a wholesale website that sale women's clothes, children's clothes, bags, accessories, shoes, and lingerie. I have been website stalking this page for a while. I've seen tons of reviews on this website, so I figured I'd buy something from them and create a more in depth review.

I measured myself before even considering a purchase. I measured my chest, waist, and hips. I would definitely recommend measuring those areas because Dresslink's sizes are not relatable to USA sizes. A USA small could possibly be a large or an extra large on Dresslink's website. So definitely measure yourself with a tape measurer which you can buy at a dollar store or Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Target, or Walmart.

I decided on buying 4 crop tops; 2 were long sleeved and the other 2 were short sleeved. I also bought a suspendered jumper skater skirt and a pair of cuffed shorts. My total was $23.15 for 6 items which was awesome. I also had a discount coupon code to use with it so my total was knocked down about a $1 or so.


Shipping with Dresslink

Within Dresslink's shipping you have an option of choosing China Post, Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, or ePackets to deliver to you. The shipping fees are different with each one. Some are cheaper and some are more costly. I chose to ship with UPS which cost $19.51. You guys may think that this seems like a lot, but to me it wasn't because of what I paid for my items as a whole. My total cost was $40.97 which means that each item roughly cost $6.83. ( $40.97/6 = $6.83 )

I ordered on May 19th and received a confirmation email that day that my package was ready to be shipped. My order was shipped on the 20th with UPS as the package handler and I received my package May 27th. So it took 8 days for me to receive my purchase. Also I would like to mention that Dresslink did not send me a tracking number with my confirmation email, but I could however go to my account to see my order and find a confirmation number which I could manually type in UPS's website.



I bought a red crop top, which fit perfectly. It was very easy to move in. It wasn't too tight or too big. The size was just right. It stretches and the fabric is a nice thicker type of cotton. It is unfortunately a one size fits all though.


I also bought a red and white striped crop top, which fit the exact same way. 

Dresslink review

I definitely would recommend getting these after you check your measurements. 

Dresslink review

I bought this grey long sleeved crop top, which is extremely tight in the shoulders, upper arm, elbow, and even the forearm. I'm pretty small and I feel like I should have definitely purchased a large. It's honestly just a tight shirt all the way around even in the chest area. A size up was much needed in my case. I feel like a person who wears a small, but is borderline and x-small could get away with wearing this.

Dresslink crop top

It's the same thing with the black crop top. It is tight all over. If you even bought this black top in particular, I would definitely suggest buying two of the same black color so that you can layer because it is see-through. I tried it on and my entire bra was visible underneath regardless of what color it was (because I did try it on with a white bra, black bra, and a nude bra). However if you layered it, it most likely would not be visible. Again, I should have purchased this shirt in a large...and even then I would probably be pushing it.

jumper skirt

The suspendered jumper skater skirt is something I've always wanted. I've seen a few fashion bloggers wearing this skirt on  a few years ago. I thought it would be really expensive but when I found out that it was only $5.30, I instantly added it to my cart. It is a one size fits all and it hits me mid-thigh. I am 5-foot-3, so please keep that in mind. 

Dresslink jumper skirt

After looking at the jumper skirt on dresslink's website... it looks like they've created this jumper skirt in some new colors... So I will definitely be buying some more in the future.

Dresslink review

The last thing I bought was a pair of denim shorts. The shorts are supposed to be worn as high waisted shorts. They come uncuffed and you have to roll the cuffs yourself to your desired way. They also come with a brown belt. The shorts also came with the opening for the button still attached. You will have to actually take a pair of scissors, stab the area where the opening of the button should be, and cut your way through. It wasn't a big deal, but it did require minimal effort. I feel like I should have purchased a size up and I just may buy some more of these in a size up in both the light blue and dark blue wash. 

Would I purchase from Dresslink again?

I would, but  I would probably order everything a size up or not at all if they didn't have a size bigger. Next time I plan on buying more clothes, accessories, and possibly a bag from Dresslink. 

Let me know how you guys feel about wholesale websites.
Have any of you purchased from one before?
What has been your experience?