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12 Outfit Ideas for the First Day of School

It's almost that time and I know some of you are either going back to school shopping or you are debating on what to wear on the first day and even the first month of school. So I decided to find some outfit inspiration for you guys. Hope it helps.

This preppy look is simple. It's a definite go to for the first day of school.
I would exchange those clogs for some shoes that have more stability and function because it'd be unfortunate to trip and fall on the first day of school. Definitely go for a shoe with a strap or the back in tact and not out.
A blouse and some nice pants is also great. You could find this outfit at a thrift store or a JC Penney's. I also love the color scheme combination.
An all white outfit would call a lot of attention to you since most people wouldn't wear all white because of the dirt factor. This white blouse and white pants that Vanessa Hudgens wears would be a perfect ensemble for the first day of school. You could easily find these pieces at a Kohl's, JC Penny, thrift store, or possibly even Walmart.
A maxi skirt and a cropped sweater or a cropped shirt is another great go to as well. It's easy to pull off. You could wear the maxi dress at the waist, showing off your stomach a little or you could wear it higher up, keeping your stomach covered.
Another all black outfit that's simple enough and easy to put together for the first day of school.
Can you say major bad ass? This is another look that anyone could pull off and slay the first day of school.
Show off your feminine side with a flared skirt with a shirt tucked in. If you can find a skirt as flared as this one, you will definitely be able to accentuate your waist making you appear to be more slimmer but also fuller in the hip area.
I love the way this girl color blocks. I personally would have either worn my pants a bit higher up or I would have opted for a longer shirt. I definitely like this style though.
Wear a graphic tee, jeans, and a button up as a jacket with a few accessories (bracelets, necklaces, hoop earrings). It is thrift store and Walmart worthy.
I love the combination of patterns. An outfit consisting of a nice blouse and a calf length bodycon skirt always looks amazing.
Boyfriend jeans, shirt, and sneakers... the easiest first day of school outfit ever created.

Do you guys already have your outfit planned for the first day of school?
What do you plan on wearing?
Would you wear any of these outfits?
Leave a comment down below and let me know.

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