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5 Natural Hair Youtube Tutorials I'm Loving This Week

5 Natural Hair Youtube Tutorials I'm Loving This Week

One of my favorite things to do is watch hair tutorials on Youtube. I've found a many of Youtube Natural Hair tutorials that give me so much inspiration of different styles to do with my 4c hair. I decided to come up with this new series for my blog so that you guys can check them out too if you needed a bit of inspiration.

So let's get into these tutorials!

Angela M. from the Youtube page Loveisbellaa brings us 3 hair styles to try on our natural hair. I am loving the first zig zagged part with the two puffs hairstyle. I've worn my hair in puffs a few times, but I've never tried the zig zagged part. The 3rd style is definitely something I will be trying as well. It seems kind of challenging at first, but I could see myself rocking it.

I'd also like to mention that I like her makeup at the end of this video.

The next video is brought to you by iMadameJay. The first style which is the front braid with the loose afro in the back is perfection. I'd love to wear this style if my hair was just a little bit longer because currently the natural hair shrinkage life is real for me as of right now.

The third style with the two puffs with the twists in the front is pure perfection. Definitely will be styling me hair like that

The third video is from the Youtube natural hair guru Mini Marley. She creates a simple, but gorgeous side afro. It definitely would be a great hairstyle to try for date night. I'd also like to say that I absolutely love her hair color.

This fourth video includes 4 professional hairstyles that can be worn in the work place. This was created by missT1806 and let me just say that I absolutely love every single one of these hairstyles. I'd definitely have to do mini versions of these hairstyles since my hair isn't as long as her's yet.

Last but not least, this video was created by TheChicNatural. I have been following her Youtube page for the past 2 years and she never disappoints. This is a great protective style. It is definitely a hairstyle that I will be trying in the future.

What do you guys think about these hairstyles?
Which ones are your favorite?
Would you try any of these?

Leave a comment down below and let me know your thoughts.

Remember to be happy natural ladies! ^_^