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Friday Fashion and Beauty Inspiration of the week

I have decided to start a brand new series on my blog featuring inspiration that I find on the internet. I always find tons of pictures that give me ideas on how to style my clothes or how to put on makeup and I figured I'd share them with you guys.

The picture above features a hooded cloud coat from Dolls Kill.
I think that I could wear this in a multiple of ways for example it could cover a white, blue, or grey dress. I could also wear this coat with white or blue pants and a cropped sweater underneath for the Fall.

I really love this bun look. I've worn something similar to this except mine was not as slick and smooth. I'm definitely going to try this in the future.

This look is giving me somewhat of a 90's music video look. It actually kind of reminds me of something Aaliyah would wear. I am digging the side part too.

I love those sandals!! I personally would want the cut of the top a bit higher. Instead of a plunging neckline, I would want a simple v-neck.

With this look, I would have let the shirt sit a bit lower meaning I'd want for the crop to be longer and hit in the middle of my abdomen. Then I'd tie it into a knot. I also would love for the black skirt to instead be a maxi skirt instead of a mini skirt (or shorts, I'm not exactly sure what those are).

I am loving this short hair along with the hat and scarf combo. I also like the septum ring even though I doubt I'd be able to pull it off.

This hair style is perfect for the summer.

Two messy buns with feather earrings. I haven't seen feather earrings in a while, but I've wanted some since I was in middle school. I'll probably invest in some in the future considering when I used to see them they weren't too expensive.

This hair is fire.!! I'm not daring enough to try this style, but this girl has the perfect shaped had for it.

I'm going to recreate this look in a future "ootd (outfit of the day)" post.

I would like to try the platinum blond look, especially with this makeup... but I'm not sure if I'm that adventurous.

Green hair is also on my "Beauty related things to try before 30" list.

I would wear this. I think the thing that really makes this all stand out is her orange hair.

This is absolutely gorgeous!!

I included this picture simply because I like her hair style.

I'd love to create a makeup look like this for me.

I found this picture which is attached with a tutorial on how to recreate this look and I definitely want to try this out.

I would definitely rock this look.

I hope you guys enjoyed my Friday Fashion and Beauty Inspiration of the week.
Let me know what you like or if you'd try any of these styles.
Leave a comment down below.

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