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Friday Fashion Inspiration of the Week : Fall is Coming

This week's outfit, hair, and makeup inspiration is a bit more focused on the upcoming Fall season. There are also a few pictures that have inspired me for some diy projects. 

So without further adieu, here is the second installment of Friday Fashion and Beauty Inspiration of the Week.

I absolutely love this blue and white two piece, although I would definitely not be wearing those high stilettos with it. I'd opt for a lower and thicker heel or some round toe flats.

I definitely would wear this in the Fall, but I'd trade in those sandals for tan bootie type boots.

I believe this is a black lace romper underneath this black leather jacket. I'd definitely rock this look, but I'd pair this ensemble with either skin colored tights or sheer black tights for the Fall season.

I've honestly always wanted a faux fur jacket to wear. I may be able to find one online once coats start going on sale for the winter season or may see about going to a thrift store for one. This is a great Fall look, but it'd also be a great Winter look if there wasn't a mid-drift.

I need some olive jeans or pants, but I'd wear this.

I like this look that Rihanna has on, but I'd definitely go for something more modest if I was out in public. I'd like for the v-neck to be higher and less plunging. I'd also like for the dress to be about 5 inches longer.

Again, I love the olive pants... but I am really digging the combination of the houndstooth and solid color. I need to get my hands on some more houndstooth items.

This camel colored outfit would be perfect for the Fall and possibly even the Winter time if I wore stockings.

I'm adding this picture because I like the cat eye with the black lipstick. I also like the girl's nose ring.

I love the combination of plaids. I'd rock this especially if I had some velvet thigh high boots to go with it.

I've seen this picture so many times. I really like the patterns in this.

This girl looks gorgeous and makes me want grey hair.

The simplicity of the crop top, jeans, and boots is perfection.

I definitely want to recreate this sweater.

The design of this blazer is gorgeous. It's giving me an 80's vibe.

I'd like to get some pins or brooches of things I like..instead of sewing on those different patches.

I want to create something using a design similar to this one. When I look at it, I instantly get ideas.

Her blue hair is absolutely gorgeous!

I am digging these layers!! I'd wear this in the Fall.

The striped shirt with the overalls....definitely wearable.

If it's faux fur and stripes.... I'd wear it.

I have yet to wear all white, but I am loving this Devil Wears Prada all white look with a pop of color with the bag.

I love jumper skirts and her blue hair!

A sweater layered over a shirt, skirt, and stockings. Perfect for the Fall and the Winter time.

I have some plaid pants and a denim jacket exactly like the ones in the picture.

The plaid with the leather is perfect for grunge fashion.

The fabric of this maxi dress is everything. I'd definitely wear it!

I really like how this person tucks the blouse into the flared skater girl skirt. I love this look.

I like this two piece outfit. If the skirt was below the knee, I'd definitely wear this...

I really need to hit up a thrift store and look for some cropped sweaters. I don't own any, but I definitely want to buy some.

The denim shirt tucked into the black skirt is pure perfection.

I could easily recreate this shirt by finding a plaid shirt at the thrift store and tacking some studs onto it. It could definitely be a diy project for the future.

Would you wear any of these outfits?
Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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