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Wishlist Wednesday: Sailor Moon Art

Sailor Moon Gif

Hello to all my Sailor Moon lovers...

Today I'm going to be showcasing a few pieces of artwork that I would love to have hanging up in my home. I do believe that I am definitely going to get one of these made to hang somewhere around the house just because I love Sailor Moon that much.

So here are my top 9 picks of the week.

Queen Serenity and Princess Rini look so happy in this picture. I absolutely love it.

Chibiusa and Helios (Rini and Pegasus) look so adorable together.

I am loving this concept of Queen Serenity still being a warrior. Although I wish that I could see a front design instead of only the side.

This pastel faint artwork of Sailor Uranus is absolutely gorgeous. You can definitely see the feminine side to Uranus even though she tends to be the more masculine Sailor Senshi warrior.

Wicked Lady aka the evil version of Chibiusa looks perfect with her pink hair. I'm loving the detail of her accessories and her dress.

I am absolutely digging this modern day version of Sailor Moon... I'd honestly put a picture of this at the entrance of my home so it is the first thing people see.

Sailor Saturn looks absolutely amazing!!! I love the entire design!

A sketch of Wicked Lady, but she doesn't look wicked at all. She looks pretty sweet, but looks can be deceiving.

Lastly, another Sailor Saturn piece of art. I'm going to look this artist up to see if they created all of the Sailor Scouts because I'd have the entire set of the Sailor Scouts in my house.

What did you Sailor Moon lovers think about this artwork?
Let me know which one's your favorite.
Leave a comment down below.