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Flashback Friday Music (R&B): After the Party by Koffee Brown

Flashback Friday (R&B): After the Party by Koffee Brown

For today's Flashback Friday I decided to reach back into my childhood with Koffee Brown's "After the Party." I remember when I would hear this song playing on the radio.. knowing all of the words by heart. I also remember my mother about to beat me for singing the song without knowing what it meant. Lol Whenever it came on, she would either run to the radio and turn it off or I would turn it down low enough just for me to hear it as I put one of my ears up to the speakers of the radio because I loved the

Now that I am older, I now know that this song is about the urges of wanting to have sex with someone you're dancing with. Lol I still think it's great though. It's the perfect song to dance to. I also love how fun the music video looks where you can tell they're really having a good time in comparison to the R&B videos that come out nowadays.

Here's the music video to After the Party by Koffee Brown.

Do any of you guys remember this song?
Leave a comment down below and let me know.