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TRIED IT: Makeup for Your Legs? Using Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs leg makeup

TRIED IT: Makeup for Your Legs? Using Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs leg makeup

I'm one of those people that is extremely self-conscious about my legs. I have stretch marks, freckles, moles, discoloration, and cellulite on my legs. It's all unfortunately very visible which is why I usually just wear stockings. Yes.... I am also one of those people who wears stockings. Majority of my generation seems to be against them, but I love them. However, with how hot it was this Summer... I decided to switch things up.

Sally Hansen came out with this makeup a couple of years ago that is specifically for your legs. It covers up blemishes, discoloration, and all other types of imperfections. It's supposed to make your legs look absolutely flawless. I've been meaning to try it since I first heard about it, but I never got around to it until this Summer when Influenster sent me a free sample of the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs leg makeup to try. When I found out I was getting a Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Voxbox, I was extremely excited about it because it meant I'd be getting something new to try out and that I'd have something else to share with you guys.

So let's hop into this review of the Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs leg makeup.

First thing I liked about this sample was how compact the bottle was. I could easily fit it into my purse, which was great.

The second thing I appreciated was how easy the application process was. It didn't take long to squirt a bit out of the bottle and proceed to rub it onto the areas I wanted to cover. Now to be honest, I did not cover my entire leg with this product and it was mainly because I did not pick a dark enough color for my skin tone. I am never good with choosing makeup colors of any sort. However, I did like the way it made my knees look because my knees are much darker than the rest of my leg,

TRIED IT: Makeup for Your Legs? Using Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs leg makeup

I will also say that because it was so hot... the leg makeup seemed to rub off on anything that I touched; my clothes, my hand, and the back of my other leg. I think that it'd be best to wear this leg makeup during a bit of a cooler season like the Fall, rather than to wear it in the Summer time when it's hot.

TRIED IT: Makeup for Your Legs? Using Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs leg makeup

Would I use the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Perfect Leg Makeup again?

I would try it again, but it would be in a color that is better suited to my skin tone like tan or deep. I'd also like to see how it would hold up and look throughout the day in comparison to me wearing it in the hot Summer time. October would be the perfect time of the year to try it out to see how it holds up in cooler weather. So I may do that next month and give you guys an update on what it looks like throughout the day. I may even create a Youtube video for it too.

What do you guys think about leg makeup?
Would you try it? Have you tried it?
Leave a comment down below and let me know your thoughts.

**I received this item to try for free compliments of Influenster. All opinions on this blog are my own.

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