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Trying Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil : Day 1

Trying Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil : Day 1

I'm sure a lot of you may have heard of oil pulling by now. It is a health trend that has been talked about in pop culture for the past few years. However, oil pulling has been around for centuries. Within the act of oil pulling you are basically putting a tablespoon of some sort of natural oil (i.e. coconut oil, sesame oil, etc) and swishing it around in your mouth. After swishing the oil in your mouth, you will then spit the oil out. The oil is supposed to pull the toxins out of your body through your gums.

There has been a lot of speculation over the time frame of how long you should have the oil in your mouth, but I've read that most people who have had the overall life changing benefits say 15-20 minutes is how long you need to do this.

I've read about 30 articles about oil pulling and I have watched at least 15 videos on Youtube about this process from people who have actually tried it. The people who have noticed changes oil pulled for 15-20 minutes and the people who didn't really see any benefits either didn't do it consistently enough or they only did it for 5 minutes a day. Some people have said that it made their teeth whiter and freshened their breath. One person even stated that it helped with cavities which apparently disappeared completely. Once I heard that, I was completely hooked on trying this. Of course I feel like an overall change in your diet, in addition to the oil pulling could possibly remove cavities and plaque if they are present in your mouth. 

Learn more about oil pulling here.

My current teeth condition:

Every now and then, I do feel pain when I eat certain sweets.. not all sweets but certain things like milk chocolate. My teeth are also very sensitive to cold foods.

Okay so let's jump into my first day of oil pulling.

My choice of oil: coconut oil 

Trying Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil : Day 1

(Make sure that if you try this, that you test the oil on your skin by rubbing a bit on your arm... just to make sure that you aren't allergic.)

I did this last night... about 2 hours before I fell asleep. I've read that as you sleep your body goes through some sort of replenishing, repair, and detoxification state. With that in mind, I figured oil pulling right before bed would be better.... Plus, the thought had just occurred to me to try it right then and there. So I went through with it.

- My coconut oil came fresh out of the fridge.

I let it sit out for like 10 minutes. Upon my research on oil pulling, most people used room temperature oil which is sooooo much more easier to get out of the jar. The struggle was real as I scraped the hardened coconut oil. I actually only scraped enough to cover half of the tablespoon because I figured if it was room temperature... that would be the equivalent.

- It tasted like nothing to me... which was great.

I was honestly terrified of putting the scraped coconut oil into my mouth, but after I did it... It just felt like what you think oil would feel like being in your mouth.... oily. For me it just tasted the way it smelled.

- I did it while watching Everybody Loves Raymond, which helped the time pass.

I've also read that many people had a tough time just sitting there, swishing the oil around like mouthwash.. which you do not need to do vigorously like one of those Listerine commercials. Before I even started this, I headed on over to Netflix and turned one of my favorite sitcoms on. I just found out a week ago that Everybody Loves Raymond was on Netflix. I was super happy, but anyway... I decided to base my oil pulling time on subtracting however long I wanted to do it from the timer on the episode. I decided to do it for only 11 minutes because I wanted to slowly work my way up to 20 minutes.

- I swished around the oil a few times and it wasn't so bad.

Like I said, the time passed fairly quickly with watching Netflix. The once cold scraped coconut oil turned into liquid right from the moment I put it in my mouth. My saliva began mixing with it as I swished it around a little. However I will say that I started thinking a lot about swallowing it. I've also read a few scary things on the internet saying that if you swallow the oil, it's basically you swallowing the pulled toxins back into your body and that it could really hurt you... Of course I'm not sure how accurate that is, but regardless I just focused on the show I was watching and tried to disregard my conscious need to now swallow.

-My mouth did start to feel weird after 6 minutes of having the oil in my mouth.

It felt like.... my jaws were starting to get sore and I honestly hadn't been swishing the oil in my mouth a lot. I think it was probably the way I was holding my mouth because the problem that I personally had was that some of the oil started escaping my mouth after a while because I didn't want to clench my jaw so tightly for that long of a time. (frowns)

- Once I was done, I spit the coconut oil out.

You're not supposed to spit the oil into the sink because it can harden and clog up your sink. So I spit my coconut oil out into a Ziploc bag because I wasn't close to a garbage can. It was a milky white color, which is the way it's supposed to look when you're done. After that, I threw the Ziploc bag away.

- Then I rinsed my mouth with warm salt water.

I warmed up a cup of hot water in the microwave for 15 seconds and added salt. You could just run some warm water and add salt for your salt water, but I prefer to just heat it in the microwave.

- Lastly, I proceeded to brush my teeth with toothpaste.

Trying Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil : Day 1

I brushed my teeth with Arm & Hammer's Baking Soda toothpaste. I've read that some people would only oil pull and then not do anything else. Then there were some that brushed their teeth afterwards and since I didn't like the oily residue in my mouth, I decided to brush my teeth. 

While I was brushing my teeth, I felt the center of my forehead get a tingling sensation. I'm pretty sure it was the baking soda triggering something within my nasal passage though, but that was the first time I've ever felt a minty tingle in my forehead because of toothpaste.

Once I was done, my mouth did feel different and much fresher. However it is most likely because my jaw was getting used to being able to move again and it was fresh because I had just brushed my teeth. 
No surprises there.

I will say though.... I did sleep much, MUCH better last night than I have in the past few months and I didn't really sleep that long. Not sure if it was because of the coconut oil pulling though. We'll see what happens when I sleep tonight after oil pulling again for the second day.

I'm going to do another update tomorrow to tell you guys what I've done and noticed so far.


Day 2: Written 9/23..but oil pulled on 9/22

I oil pulled for 14 minutes last night.
It became uncomfortable to have the oil in my mouth for so long, but I'm thinking I'll eventually get used to it if I continue to do it daily.

One thing that I've noticed is that my breath does smell fresher. My mom legit looked at me while we were talking and was like "Your mouth smells fresh.." Lol.

So that's good.


Day 3: Oil pulled 9/23

I did another 14 minutes tonight.
It wasn't as bad as the first two nights.

I didn't brush my teeth after doing it this time though.
I was feeling lazy.
I just rinsed my mouth with warm water.

Day 4: 9/24

13 minutes at night.

Didn't brush my teeth afterwards either,

Day 5: 9/25

I ended up falling asleep on my books while doing my homework since my accelerated classes just started.
So I didn't oil pull.

And let me know if any of you are interested in oil pulling.
Have you tried it before?
What benefits did you receive with it?
Leave a comment down below.

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