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Tumblr Makeup Goals : Makeup Inspiration (1)

I love makeup even though I don't wear it too too much. I am always finding gorgeous pictures of how people did their makeup online and it always inspires me to want to try to attempt these looks. I found a couple of pictures of how I'd like to wear my makeup on Tumblr. I am definitely going to try all of these out on myself and create a blog post/youtube video on me recreating these looks in the future, but for the time being I figured I'd share these ideas with you guys. I thought maybe you guys would want to try some of these makeup looks yourselves and share them with me.

This look is like a combination of Edie Sedgwick annnd maybe possibly Twiggy.

The combination of purple, pink, and white on the eye lids and the dark purple lipstick (that's pretty close to being black) is gorgeous.

I'm digging this smoky eye look with the dark brown lipstick. I even like the little face jewelry mole.

This purple and blue eye shadow mixture is gorgeous!

I'm kind of intrigued by this extended eyebrow look with the red lips.

I've always wanted to do a gold eye shadow look. I probably wouldn't have the glitter confetti on my eyes though, mainly because I'd be afraid of it getting into my eye.

This red and gold eye shadow combination look is perfect!

I have yet to pull off the nude lip look, but I will definitely be trying this. I've heard that you can wear any color lipstick as long as you line your lips.

I feel like the smokey eye and pink lip is a definite "go to." I love Zoe Kravitz's makeup.

This pink and purple eyeliner/shadow on the bottom lid with white and black eyeliner on the top is beautiful. I think this look would make anyone's eyes pop.

This look is everything! I definitely want to create this look for myself. It's super intense!

The black eyeliner with the forest green eye shadow is gorgeous!

The black eyeliner with the dash of pink eye shadow is a combination of a black edge with a pretty in pink vibe.

LOVE THIS EYE SHADOW COMBINATION!!! It's so colorful and bright!

I want to recreate this lip look with other colors... like the upper lip could be a dark purple and the bottom lip could be a dark blue.

This pastel combination is gorgeous. Reminds me of the way Nicki Minaj used to wear her makeup.

All of these eye shadow looks are unique, but I especially love all of the designs on the left.

I would definitely rock the black eye liner on top with the gold liner at the bottom with a dark chocolate or red lipstick.

This reminds me of Cleopatra with the hint of gold eye shadow in the middle of the black liner.

I am loving the orange eye shadow.

I've never seen anyone's makeup with the slight dash of gold lined in the corner...

I am in love with this green eye shadow! I am soo trying this look out!!

What did you guys think about the makeup inspiration I found today?
What were your favorites?
Would you try any of these?
Leave a comment down below and let me know.