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Wishlist Wednesday: 20 Sailor Moon shirts for the Sailor Senshi lover in your life!

As you guys know, I absolutely love Sailor Moon. So I figured, why not dedicate a Wishlist Wednesday to one of my first childhood obsessions.. Sailor Moon. I found a ton of shirts created by a variety of artists and they are absolutely perfect. So here are my top 20 Sailor Moon tee shirt picks. They'd be great gifts for the Sailor Moon lover in your life or just to own for yourself if you love Sailor Moon just as much as I do.


*I will receive monetary compensation if one of the items are purchased from this list, just a heads up.*


Sailor Scout Senshi Scout Power shirt

This shirt reminds me of the scene in the original Sailor Moon of the first season episode 46 "Usagi's Eternal Wish:A Brand New Life"..."Usagi no omoi wa towa ni! Atarashiki tensei". Within that episode all of the inner Sailor Senshi had been killed and it was up to Sailor Moon, Princess Serena, or Usagi Tsukino to defeat Queen Beryl.


Sailor Deadpool Unisex T-Shirt

This design of Sailor Moon as Marvel's Deadpool is sick! I sooo want this shirt


Sailor Moon Love and Justice Shirt

This shirt shows Serena Tsukino aka Usagi Tsukino in mid-transformation as she is transforming into Sailor Moon.


Sailor Moon Sailor Mini Moon Lil Moon shirt



Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon on the moon shirt

This one just has Sailor Moon relaxing on the crescent moon.


Sailor Moon Rini Chibi Style shirt

Another fashionable design of cute little Chibiusa, Queen Serenity's aka Usagi and King Darien aka Endymion's future daughter.


One of the many Sailor Moon shirts symbolizing Girl Power.


Sailor Moon Sailor Pikachu shirt

Pikachu dressed as Sailor Moon is absolutely hilarious and cute. I am definitely buying this shirt in the near future.


Sailor Moon Throne of Magic shirt

Sailor Moon surrounded by all of the Sailor Senshi's magical power transformation sticks and even Prince Darien's sword is in there. However I do see some of Sakura Avalon's magical wands from the anime Cardcaptor Sakura. Actually now that I look at it, there are a few other animes' magical wands within the shirt's design.

I guess that's why it's called the "Throne of Magic." lol


Sailor Moon Bitches Who Slay Together Stay Together Shirt

One of those shirts that all of your close friends need in their lives.


Pretty Little Liars as Sailor Moon Sailor Scouts shirt

I love how they turned the characters/actresses from Pretty Little Liars into the Sailor Scouts.
It looks exactly like them.


Sailor Moon Eating French Fries Food shirt

This shirt was made for me because I love french fries.


Sailor Moon S Sailor Scout Sailor Senshi shirt

If this was artwork, I'd hang this up in my living room.


Sailor Moon Sailor Scout Silhouette shirt

The Sailor Senshi standing in front of the moon.


Sailor Moon Sailor Venus Codename Sailor V shirt

This is the way Sailor Venus originally looked before joining up with the Sailor Scouts. 
I still wish they would have actually came out with a video game for Sailor Venus.


Sailor Moon S Sailor Senshi Transformation Sticks shirt

I've always thought the transformation sticks were beautiful. 


Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Soldier of Fire shirt

In this shirt Sailor Mars channeling her Burning Mandala attack.



I wish the edges were softer on the shirt, but the art of Sailor Moon is perfection!

And last, but not least...


Sailor Moon Rini as Wicked Lady

Small Lady Rini when she turned into Wicked Lady. I kind of like the way she looks with the gauges in her ears, upper lip piercing, spiked choker, and green lipstick.

Did you guys like any of these shirts?
Which ones did you like?
Leave a comment down below and let me know.