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8 Predictions for Season 7 for The Vampire Diaries

The wait is over!!!! Season 7 of The Vampire Diaries premieres tonight and I am so excited. I can not wait to see what Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, Enzo, and even Lily Salvatore have going on. I am also really excited to see how Sarah Salvatore (the cousin Stefan hid from Damon for 2 decades after Damon had killed her mother during pregnancy) is doing and what her story line will be about. Maybe she'll be the person to keep Damon on his A-game with Elena being gone. I have been thinking about a variety of different things that could happen this season and I wanted to share with you guys some of the theories I have on what this season's focus will be on.

Damon won't take being without Elena so well..or maybe he will.

I know all of you Delena lovers are still in heartbreak over the departure of Nina Dobrev as Elena and I believe that Damon will definitely be experiencing heartbreak as well. I have heard that he is going to go back to being season 1 Damon which will be interesting since he has had so much growth over the course of the series. Maybe we will see him conduct himself in rendezvous and such with other women. I know you guys maybe against it, but it's a high possibility that this may happen.

Bonnie will come into her own.

I believe that Bonnie's fighting in the season 6 finale was absolutely trash to be honest. I love Bon-Bon, but I feel like she should be way more powerful than she displays. It almost seems as though she either hasn't really taken the time to practice her power or she is afraid of her powers. I mean, she is a descendant of Quetsiyah for goodness sake. She should be able to obliterate whoever she wants and stop whoever she wants.

(Side note: I miss Klaus's presence on TVD.)

Damon and Bonnie will become closer.

To some degree I feel like Damon will be contemplating on whether he should kill Bonnie in order to wake Elena up, but we know that is not going to happen. However I think that Damon and Bonnie will continue to bond and grow closer, but I am not sure about whether the Bamon shippers will get their wish. I feel like Bonnie is going to focus on herself and possibly even date a little, but I am still secretly hoping that Jeremy will visit and they'll give us the reunion I have waited for since the Season 5 finale.

Matt will use his hunter skills and law enforcement position to slay the vampires.

Matt will be getting more fighting in with being a policeman and a vampire hunter. He has been a character that has been in distress and needed saving majority of the show. It is safe to assume after seeing him begin to fight back last season that he will continue to use some of his new learned fighting techniques. I can not wait to see him get in on the action.

Alaric will give up on love and take this time to slaughter the vamp witches in town.

Alaric has had such bad luck in the women's department. I am starting to wonder if a witch cursed him at some point of time. Not sure if that'd be a thing in TVD, but I know that he will possibly still be grieving Jo and his unborn twins. I'd like to think that he would meet someone new, but because of this traumatic experience I believe that he will take this time to declare war against the evil vampire witches that Kai brought to town. The Heretics will be his target or they will make him their target.

Enzo will realize that Mama Salvatore is crazy.

Lily told Enzo that she originally was going to make him apart of her family, but was unfortunately thrown into the prison world. We saw at the end of Season 6 that Enzo gave her the "Woman.. you are crazy as hell" face when the Heretics begin walking out of the storage facility.

Caroline and Stefan will have a moment...maybe a few moments.

Caroline told Stefan that she needed time away from him and Stefan told her that he'd wait for her. So let's be honest that it looks like Steroline may have multiple moments this season. Although, I am secretly hoping that Caroline takes this time to focus on her instead of making attempts to date someone. She should focus on what she wants instead of what the guys she likes wants. I can't wait to see how she grows from her losing her mom and the guilt of killing innocence people when her humanity switch was turned off.

The vamp witches and Lily will be too much for the gang....

I think that the Heretics will be worthy opponents this season. For the past 2 seasons, every villain that has come into play was not very formidable in my opinion. All of them were built up to be thee most horrible and dangerous villains on to have died fairly quickly in the most stupidest ways in my opinion. Silas killed himself. Marcus came back to life to die again within a couple of episodes and Kai had his head chopped off, by a hand. I still can not get over that at all. I hope the writers really give the Heretics and amazing background story. I can not even fathom what trouble they will cause or how they will be stopped.

So what do you guys think will happen in Season 7 of The Vampire Diaries?
Are you guys just as excited as I am to see tonight's episode?
Let me know what you think.