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22 pairs of Shoes for the Spring time for Under $15

22 pairs of Shoes for the Spring time for Under $15

Hey guys.... Soooo I just wanted to share with you guys all of the shoes that I found for under $15 that are on sale RIGHT NOW! I'm only recommending the shoes that I would personally buy or that I dream of buying if I actually could walk in them. Lol! Anyway, here they are!!!

22 pairs of Shoes for the Spring time for Under $15

1. These leopard print heels would look amazing with a black or red dress on date night.

2. These sandals come in green and red. They'd be great to wear for a picnic or walks on the beach.

22 pairs of Shoes for the Spring time for Under $15

3. The pink flat snakeskin resemblance shoes look like they'd be extremely comfy for walking, but also fashionable. They also come in a bluish grey.

4. The grey flat shoes would also be great to wear with a dress, shorts, pants, or skirt for a casual outting.

5. These pink heels give a gorgeous metallic shine, but definitely make sure you can walk in these stiletto heels.

6. These silver wedge heels are gorgeous. They're definitely great for wearing to a fancy event.

22 pairs of Shoes for the Spring time for Under $15

7. These heeled sandals come in silver/gold and silver.

8. The green snakeskin sandals are edgy and perfect if you want to show off your seductive side.

9. The third set of shoes are a darker version of leopard print heels, which can be paired with an lbd (little black dress).

10. The champagne or somewhat nude heels which also come in grey would be perfect to wear with practically any dress. The design of the jewels on the shoes makes it them look magical. 

22 pairs of Shoes for the Spring time for Under $15

11. The black sandals with triangular cut outs also comes in a natural beige color. I really like these because the heel would be thick enough for someone like me to walk in since I'm not that great at walking in thinner heels.

12. Another dark brown toned leopard print shoe, except it's a wedge! I love these!

13. These gold booties remind me of something Ciara would wear in one of her dance videos. They're gorgeous!

14. The fuchsia wedges would be great with a flared skirt or dress. 

22 pairs of Shoes for the Spring time for Under $15

15. The white and black oxfords remind me of Janelle Monae.

16. The bronze metallic flats remind me of shoes my grandmother used to wear, but they look extremely comfortable.

17. The metallic wrapped heel on the black and leopard print shoes definitely look like something I could see Beyonce striding in.

22 pairs of Shoes for the Spring time for Under $15

18. The flat shoes come in multi-color and black. They would be perfect for everyday wear. You could dress them up or down.

19. Even though winter is almost over, I would still wear some knee high boots and the brown ones could be worn over jeans or under them. They'd keep your feet dry from the rainy Spring showers.

20. I love the first pair of black booties because they're a dressier type of shoe that could be worn with a sexy dress or a nice pair of tailored pants.

21. The second pair of black booties are a bit more casual and could be worn with jeans.

22 pairs of Shoes for the Spring time for Under $15

22. The first two pairs of heels are snakeskin which come in red and purple for under $15. 

23. The second pair is the same exact shoes except it comes in a whole patent color in gold and cobalt.

Keep in mind that many of these shoes come in other colors, but the prices will be more than $15.

Now it's time for you guys to chime in and tell me what shoes you like.
Do you have any favorite type of shoe that you like wearing during the Spring time?
Leave a comment down below and let me know!


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