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OMG!! 50% off Dress sale at Boohoo!! TODAY ONLY!!


I squealed when I saw the e-mail in my inbox. BooHoo has a ton of Spring and Summer dresses. I've purchased maxi dresses and bodycon dresses from them in the past. They also have specific lines dedicated to people who are plus size, tall, or petite sized.

 So here are the dresses that I am thinking about buying today...
Please keep in mind that all of the dresses mention come in multiple colors.

$7 Dresses

I currently own a few of the last 2 dresses. They're very comfortable. You can also dress them up or down so I'd definitely recommend them. I tend to layer them.

This dress says that it is a coral color on the website, but it obviously looks orange.
Whatever color is shown on the website is what the dress actually looks like based on my past of shopping on BooHoo.

I don't own any strappy or orange dresses, so I would definitely buy this one.

These dresses remind of some dresses that I've seen celebrities wear in the 90's.

$8 dresses (originally $16)

The first dress comes with a belt which is great. I own a few of these and they are extra comfortable.

The second dress is actually a pink color even though it is titled as being coral.

I actually own the third charcoal colored dress, but I plan on buying it in a size bigger.

I really want the fourth dress because I have never owned a red dress before. I NEED IT IN MY LIFE!

I've seen a lot of celebrities wearing a dress similar to this one, but this one is only $8 instead of costing hundreds of dollars.

I just want all of these in the exact colors that they are in.

$10 dresses (originally $20)

I bought something similar to the blue plaid dress, but it was a red tartan dress. I love it!

The second dress would be great for a business event.

The third dress is a gorgeous color. Actually all of the colors of the dress are a gorgeous pastel color.

As for the black lace dress, I've always wanted a dress with lace arms.

A lot of people may not like the paisley print dress, but I love it.

The second and third dress are the same, but they link to lots of different colors in each. I am glad that this company sells dresses in multiple colors.

The sale ends at 11:59 PM tonight...

Better hurry guys!

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