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10 Ways to Wear Plaid

10 Ways to Wear Plaid - Fashion Outfits

For me, plaid was one of those fabrics that I grew to love. I originally hated it because of the awful school uniforms that I had to wear in elementary school. However over the years, I acquired many plaid shirts (compliments of the lovely hours I spent shopping in thrift stores). So I decided to share with you guys a compilation of bloggers that wear plaid the way I love to wear it.

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Kayla is wearing a long flared plaid skirt, navy sweater, mary jane shoes, and a beret.
Her style kind of reminds me of the 40's.

Jenn is wearing a plaid coat, red turtleneck, blue pants, and a black purse with nude heels.
Color blocking always makes an outfit stand out.

Elin is wearing a plaid skirt, black collared shirt, white cardigan, knee high stockings, and a bow headband.
I love knee high socks with plaid. This is definitely giving me a school girl kind of vibe.

Nilu is wearing a plaid dress, black loafers, and a fringe bag with a scarf tied on her head.
I love how simple this look is. I've seen plaid dresses that look like this at a few thrift stores near me.

Carolyn is wearing plaid leggings, a velvet collared shirt, and black boots.
I love the mixture of velvet and plaid along with the boots that give off a Victorian era sort of feel. I also love her mohawk.

Jiglay is wearing a plaid checkered shirt, jumper skirt, black tights, and creepers.
This would probably be one of my personal go-to looks because I have worn something similar. It's definitely something that would be pulled out of a 90's magazine.

Marija is wearing a faux leather jacket, plaid shirt, black pants, and combat boots.
I like how edgy this is. Plus you can never go wrong with all black and a dash of plaid.

Shaira is wearing plaid pants, a turtleneck, brown boots, and a sherpa coat.
This reminds me of something that Donna would wear on That 70's Show. Wearing a variety of brown toned colors with the plaid creates a great warm, Fall ensemble.

Hannah has on a plaid skirt, grey turtleneck, black shoes, and a camel color fur coat.
I would probably wear this in the winter time with knit stockings.

Kayla is wearing a plaid dress over a white collared shirt and black shoes. She accessorizes with black stockings, a skinny black belt, black hat, and a black bag.
I just love everything about this photo in general. The way she wears the jumper over the white collared shirt reminds me of the loose fitting jumpers I had to wear in grade school. They were this ugly spaced out plaid with green and navy. If only the uniforms had looked like this back then. Lol

With it being almost time for the Fall season, I know that I am going to be seeing a lot of people wearing plaid flannel which is extremely comfortable. Hopefully these bloggers gave you guys some inspiration for your plaid inspired looks.

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