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Analyzing Income Reports for July and How 9 Bloggers Made Money

Analyzing Income Reports for July and How 9 Bloggers Made Money

There are a lot of bloggers who write income reports displaying how much they make every month on their blogs. I have always found these posts interesting because many of them break down what they did to grow their blogs and reach their goals (traffic, income, social media followers, etc). So here's a round up of some of the income reports that I have analyzed this month.

Income Addon - $24,929.90

I am in complete awe at the fact that this person makes this much a month. He attributes his income to creating a few niche websites, creating buyer guides and product reviews, while watching the income roll in with using mostly Amazon Associates.

I have heard that creating niche sites is a great approach to getting on the first couple of pages in Google's search engine through the use of keywords. I am debating on trying this out myself, but considering this person started blogging a few years ago.... I wonder how long it would take for me to choose a niche, create 100 pages worth of content, and become indexed in Google.

Horkey Handbook - $20,025 (gross)

This blogger makes money from a variety of methods. They have course sales which most likely involve some sort of online class that they have created. They also do virtual assistant work, writing, coaching, and make a bit of money from affiliate programs. 

The course they run is focused on becoming a successful Virtual Assistant in 30 days, which does sound like it would be a good class to take.

Pickled Plum - $3218.45

I have always wondered about the success of food bloggers and this one in particular lists the ways in which their blog makes them money. They use AdThrive for advertisements that most likely make money through impressions, clicks, or sales. Amazon Associates for affiliate sales. They also use sponsored posts, but unfortunately they do not detail how they acquired the sponsored posts which is something that I'd really like to know. I have always been interested in running sponsored posts myself, but I feel like I need to increase my traffic to my website and increase my social media status before I can do that.

Now I know you guys are wondering why I added this blog to the income report list because of the dollar value, but I found this blog to be very informative within the process of how the person is really dedicating time to growing their blog. This food blogger attributes her traffic to Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Foodgawker, and Facebook groups that are food related. She also lists her short term goals and long term goals of what she wants to focus on which is something that I definitely need to do myself.

This blog gains their income from Bluehost affiliate and Mediavine. People who get paid by Bluehost receive a commission based on referring others that want to create a website. Mediavine is similar to Google Adsense except from what this writer says, the pay out is way more than Google's. I want to say that I have done some research on Mediavine and that there are certain traffic requirements that are needed in order to join this ad network. So it is probably off the table for my website's existence at the moment.

Most of this blogger's income came from mystery shopping which is also something that I have always wanted to do myself. She was paid to eat at a few restaurants which sounds like the ultimate life to me. She also received cashback from eBates which is actually a company that I use myself where I receive some cashback from certain purchases I make through their website. She also makes money through the use of survey sites which is also something I do when I find the time to. You'd be surprised by how much money you can make a month by setting aside a couple of minutes everyday to take surveys. 

I will be writing a few reviews on my survey site experiences in the future,

This blogger made majority of her money from sponsored posts through blogger networks and sales from her own online store. There are a ton of blogger networks that you can join if you meet their requirements. Many of them offer sponsored posts where you can work with different brands or even have their own ad based networks. 

This Out Numbered Mama also made the list because she actually operates an online store. Having your own product is definitely a great method to have as another branch of income. I actually have my own online store that I need to work on myself. 

The blogger of "A Fresh Start On A Budget" ran sponsored posts and gained a lot of profit from it through the use of BlogHer, Linquia, and Social Fabric. These are all blogger networks I would like to join some day in the near future.

Money Nomad - $2372.10

Money Nomad actually received payment for travel in July which I am looking forward to reading about. Going places for free without having to pay anything is everyone's dream. Along with that sponsored post, they made money through hosting a giveaway on their website. Running giveaways on your website can definitely bring more traffic, in addition to possible sales for the company being advertised and social media engagement. I'm actually running a giveaway right now which I will document the pros and cons of running the giveaway (Enter the giveaway). They also made money through affiliate programs.

So those are the 9 income reports that I chose to report on this month. They are all a big inspiration for bloggers like me who enjoy blogging, but would also like to make some income doing what they enjoy. 

I will be back next month with another Income Report Analysis, so be sure to follow me on Twittermy Google Plus page, or even Facebook Cosplay page because I do share my blog posts there along with other cool things.

If you guys have any other blogger income reports that you would like to discuss or if you'd like to share your thoughts on the income reports, leave a comment down below.

Let me know what you think.

Happy Blogging!

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