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Online Psychology Degree: What it's like getting a degree in Psychology Online.

Online Psychology Degree:

I have been attending online school for a few years and a lot of people have asked me what is really involved within taking classes for an online Psychology degree. I have heard a lot of different comments like "I do not think I'd be able to sit still enough to take a class online" or "I have heard that online classes are really hard in comparison to going to a school on campus." So today I will tell you guys what my experience has been like so far within getting n online Psychology degree.

1. My classes are only 6 weeks long...... but there's a catch.

I honestly have never ever finished a complete on-campus course at a college, but I have heard that a semester is about 2 or 3 months long with being present in a class for either once a week or twice a week. My classes are only 6 weeks long, but it is accelerated. I have to submit specific discussion posts, 1 or 2 papers, and other assignments every week. I also have to participate in other discussions 5 out of 7 days of the week to receive my participation points and those participation points can make or break your grade heavily.

2. I have some sort of work to do everyday.

Like I said before, I usually have some sort of assignment that I need to complete almost everyday and if I don't have an assignment due that day, then I need to be starting on an assignment in advanced so that I can turn it in on time.

3. There have been a few Psychology case studies or observational studies that I have had to complete.

Within obtaining a Psychology degree, you will need to conduct a ton of research and even test out your own theories or recreate different experiments that have already been done to examine what you find. In the textbooks I have had to purchase for class there are usually examples of the way I am supposed to complete the assignments and I am usually given 2-3 weeks to complete these studies. Another great thing about going to school online is that my professors usually have examples of the way our assignments should be set up and they are pretty self-explanatory.

4. Psychology classes tend to repeat themselves to a certain degree because every topic within Psychology is connected.

Developmental Psychology is connected to Social Psychology. Social Psychology is connect to Cross-Cultural Psychology. Cross Cultural Psychology is connect to the Intro to Psychology and so on. Every single class within Psychology connects to the other. So if you find certain topics repeating themselves, it is okay because it is simply a refresher on what you previously learned. Everything within psychology is connected and I think that it is great that certain things are repeated because sometimes things can be forgotten that are important within understanding the ways in which the mind works.

5. Sometimes I do not understand what I am learning in my Psychology books, but Youtube or TED Talks can explain it to me.

Youtube videos and TED Talks videos are usually incorporated in my weekly assignments. I find them to be very helpful within helping me understand a variety of different topics because sometimes the book only helps me so much. Sometimes I need animate videos or need someone to explain something to me in a different way. For example, I was having trouble last semester with understanding the way neurons function within the brain and I was able to find multiple videos on the topic, in addition to whatever videos my professors mentioned at the beginning of the week. I like being able to take matters into my own hands and do a bit of visual research on a subject online.... I am usually satisfied within understanding the topic of discussion which I would not be able to randomly do in class.

6. Sometimes it would be nice to verbally speak to someone about the topics in the class right then and there, but you can't....

Unless you explain to someone in person what you are talking about. There have been a lot of times where I would read an article or a case study that my professor would want us to read and I would want to express my thoughts and opinions on the subjects.... but with taking these classes online... sometimes I get a response to what I say and sometimes I do not. Sometimes I express my opinions within discussion posts and sometimes I do not (mainly because I am supposed to be saying something insightful within these discussions supported by factual information).

In the real world, I would probably be able to talk to someone about my thoughts.... but I usually have to either explain what I read to my friends/family or not discuss it with anyone.

Overall, going to school online for my Psychology degree has been rather nice. I enjoy my classes a lot and it is very straight to the point. I would definitely recommend going to school online if you're a self-motivated individual who does not need too much guidance. It is great for those who have busy lives or even those who simply do not want to continue learning in a physical classroom.

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