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Ariel wig - / L-email wig Review

Disney Roxanne Max Goofy Movie cosplay Rolecosplay l-email wig review

I am always in the market for new wigs since I love to cosplay. I was looking for a wig to cosplay Roxanne from the Disney film "A Goofy movie" (Check it out here). I recently purchased a wig from / and I wanted to share with you guys my experience with purchasing from this company in case you were wondering about buying from them. / is a store that sales cosplay wigs, cosplay costumes, and accessories. They also have some everyday wigs for sale too. A lot of the items on this website are fairly affordable, but they look like they are of good quality.


How long does shipping take?

This company ships from London. I live in the midwest and it took about a week and a half to two weeks to receive the package. The shipping was $6.70 + $1.99 insurance fee.


Ariel wig - / L-email wig Review

The package came in a white poly mailer envelope.

Ariel wig - / L-email wig Review

The wig was enclosed in a resealable bag and package neatly.

The wig

Ariel wig - / L-email wig Review

It is 70 cm which translates to 27.56 inches long.
It has two adjustable straps in the back. 
I have a fairly large sized head and it fits me without any problems.
When I wear the wig, it is waist length. Keep in mind that I am "5'4.

The wig does have some parts that are subtly glued together. The definition within the bang is kind of hard because of the glue, but I prefer it to be that way because it makes the bang stay in place. It also does shed a bit as well, but it isn't an overwhelming amount of shedding.

I paid $13.17 for this Ariel wig.

Would I buy from / again?

I most definitely would buy from them again. The quality of the wig is fairly decent. I am currently eye balling a few wigs and cosplay costumes that I want to buy soon.

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Disney Roxanne Max Goofy Movie Jasmine MinYe cosplay Rolecosplay wig review