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Make Money Blogging - How 8 Bloggers Made Money August 2016 (Income Report)

Make Money Blogging - How 8 Bloggers Made Money August 2016 (Income Report)

As you guys know, I am obsessed with income reports because they show how bloggers make money. I love seeing how people are making money online because it is not only informative, but also inspirational. I decided to compile a list of bloggers who disclose how much they made last month (August 2016) along with my views on the ways they did it. I hope this helps all of you who are looking to make money online with your blogs, in addition to those of you who are simply interested in learning about the process itself.

Make Money Blogging - How 8 Bloggers Made Money August 2016 (Income Report)

Boho Berry - $4,861.44

This website made its' money through Amazon Associates, Youtube earnings, Ebook sales, and other affiliate income. When I see all of these bloggers reporting a lot of their income from Amazon Associates I wonder exactly how they do it when they explain that they have one blog. I suppose creating content with a lot of information about a specific topic would further advance a person's website of being seen in the search engine when a person is searching for something in particular.

Show Me the Yummy - $13,925

This food blog made majority of its money through AdThrive, sponsored content, & freelance work. They had 391,469 page views in August which is amazing. 

I am completely shocked by how much this blogger made in a month, but considering most of her money came from her own merchandise, in addition to blog hosting it makes sense. She made most of her money through the creations of a planner, Bluehost, ebook, and course. I have noticed that a lot of self-help material tends to be very profitable.

This blogger made money through affiliate links, advertising, referrals, and investments. I was thinking about committing some of my time to promoting affiliate links, in addition to making investments as well. Over a period of time, there would be a decent amount of profit.

The Endless Meal - $2,603.63

This food blogger made most of their money through AdThrive just like Show Me the Yummy did, but I added this income report because of the information the blogger gives about using Pinterest to your advantage. Creating a Pinterest page for your blog and joining group boards is definitely the way to go.

Income Add On - $28,156.52

The owner of Income Add On makes most of their money through Amazon. To my knowledge, they have 2 niche sites that successfully acquire enough traffic and buyers. One thing I wanted to take away from this blogger was how one of their goals was to find keywords to target as they study the competition. I think this is a very good idea because if you know how certain sites are ranking within content, then you should be able to create your own content based on the keywords you acquire from your research. It would definitely help you come up with more ideas on things to write as well.

This owner of Early Retirement In 2019 is very different from the others. They are already retired, which is awesome!!! They make their money through stock investments and real estate. This is definitely a website that you'd probably want to bookmark if you are interested in stocks. 

Fantabulosity - $2,582.33

This is one of the very few lifestyle/fashion blogs that I've seen expose how much money they made, which is nice to see. I kind of wish more fashion bloggers would expose how much money they make with a detailed break down of how they made it. Fantabulosity made most of her money through sponsored posts, advertising, and product sales.

Overall, it is pretty amazing that people can make as much as they are. I personally would love to see more stock, lifestyle, and fashion bloggers creating income reports. I even wouldn't mind seeing how popular Instagram pages make money as well. 

Make Money Blogging - How 8 Bloggers Made Money August 2016 (Income Report)

Make Money Blogging - How 8 Bloggers Made Money August 2016 (Income Report)

Tell me what you guys think. 
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