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September 2016 Goals: Blog, Social Media, and Life Goals

September 2016 Goals: Blog, Social Media, and Life Goals

I have decided to create a post full of my goals for each month for my personal life and for my blog. I'm hoping that it will keep me on track with my goals and also inspire some of my readers to set goals to aspire to every month

Blog Goals

Post at least 3x a week.
Share posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, and Google Plus.
Comment on 200 different bloggers websites. (50 comments a week)
Invest in email subscription package.

Social Media Goals

Twitter (currently 625 followers) ---> Gain 100 followers.
Tweet out 200x to people discussing my post topics. (50 direct tweets a week)
Twitter Impression goal ----> 6000

Instagram (currently 568) ---> Gain 100 followers.
Comment on 200 different Instagramers pictures. (50 a week)
Post at least twice a week.

Google Plus (currently 533) ---> Gain 50 followers.
Comment on 100 posts in communities I am apart of.

Facebook Cosplay Page (currently 145) ---> Gain 60 followers.
Link Facebook page in every blog post I make.
Share page on all networks.

Pinterest (currently 469) ---> Gain 60 followers.
Create 5 new boards and pin 50 pins on each one of them.
Pin to other boards.
Pin my own posts to other boards.

Youtube (currently 95) ---> Gain 20 subscribers.
Create at least 6 videos on my main Youtube channel..
Create at least 3 videos on my kid's Youtube channel.
Comment on 50 other Youtubers' videos.

There will be sooo much typing this month...

Life Goals

Buy textbooks for school.
My online classes start in 3 weeks and I haven't bought my books yet.

Work out 3x a week.
I need to work out because I've been feeling extremely sluggish lately.

Clean studio.
I have been meaning to do this for a while. I definitely need to organize and get it together so that I can have the space to do more projects.

Giveaway clothes I don't wear.
I try to offload some clothes every year.

Go to Arts, Beats, & Eats and blog about it.
Arts, Beats, & Eats is a festival in Michigan where people gather to eat food, look at art, listen to music, and have a good time. I went last year and had fun. So this year I figured I'd cover it on my blog.

Attend first Comic Con convention and blog about it.
I am so excited about this. I have a convention that I am going to next week and I can not wait.

Create 7 items for online store.
I need to start focusing more on my store so I am going to try to create a few new items every month for it.

So those are my goals for September. Leave a comment down below and let me know what your goals are or if you have a goals post for September, leave a link in the comments down below, 
I'll check it out.

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