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4 Choreographed Dance Videos to Chris Brown's Music That I'm Loving Right Now

4 Chris Brown Choreographed Dance Videos I Am Loving Right Now
via makeagif
One of the things Chris Brown is known for is his dance skills. I am so happy that other dancers post videos on Youtube of their own choreography for Chris Brown's music. I keep finding amazing choreography videos and I wanted to share with you guys my top 4 dance video picks right now.

This takes me back to when Chris Brown first came out and we all fell in love... I remember them playing "Poppin" at the middle school dances.

I would love to do this dance routine with someone. My favorite couple is at the 3:11 mark.

I've always liked how smooth this song sounds. This is one of my "walking" songs and yes I have songs for certain

I love this song and I want to learn the choreography for it. Maybe one day I'll actually put in the effort to do it when I'm lolligagging in life.

Now it's time for you guys to tell me what was your favorite choreography?
Do you guys have any favorite Chris Brown choreographed videos?
Leave a comment down below and share it with me.