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Make Money Blogging - How 4 Bloggers Made Money in September 2016 [ Income Report ]

I am really big on income reports and seeing what other bloggers are making, in addition to how they make money through blogging. I would love to reach a point where I am successfully making a generous amount of money to sustain the cost of living. I decided to share with you guys my thoughts about a few bloggers who took the time to share their income and to just inform any of you who are looking for ways to make money from your blog that you have not considered. 

Hope it helps!

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Tara Tierney - $5,402.29

This blogger made her money through Uber, Uber referrals, and Herbalife. I know of a few people that make quite a bit as Uber drivers for just a few hours a day. As far as Herbalife, it says on Google that this company focuses on selling supplements, weight management, sports nutrition (energy bars, protein drinks, etc.), and personal care products. I doubt I'd be that great at making sales, but if you're a health blogger this would most likely be ideal for you.

Carly On Purpose - $3,365.39

Carly made money through Adthrive Ads, Amazon Associates, and affiliate programs. One of the affiliate programs that she uses is the Elegant Themes program which I am assuming are background HTML codes for blogs.

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This blogger made money through taking surveys, Bluehost affiliate, Shopkick app (gift card), and mystery shopping. I have made a bit of money from taking surveys in the past myself, but the only thing about it is that the process can be tedious. The survey sites that landed this blogger a decent amount of money were InboxDollars and Swagbucks.

Mint Notion - $1,274

The owner of Mint Notion made most of their money through affiliate income (shareasale, Amazon, flexoffers, Bluehost, ebates, and social warfare) and direct advertising. I have always wanted to do direct advertising on my blog, but I will most likely have to wait a while. I still need to increase my traffic in order to even consider direct advertising on my website.

If you guys know of any other bloggers that share income reports and you'd like to share it with me, leave it in a comment down below. 
Also let me know what methods are successful for you when it comes to making money through your blog.
What methods are you all thinking about trying? Leave a comment down below!