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October 2016 Goals: Blog, Social Media, and Life Goals

October 2016 Goals: Blog, Social Media, and Life Goals

So I am a bit late within posting my goals, but better late than never. I did accomplish a few things, but not everything that I wanted to do. I think I may have to be more realistic about the certain goals that I set for myself, especially considering I'm back in school for the first time since my surgery and everything. So I'm excited about that and I'm about to focus on goals that I can actually accomplish this month.

Last Months Blog Goals

Post at least 3x a week. --> I blogged 10x last month.
I did share my posts on all social media.
I unfortunately probably commented on one blogger's website.
I did not invest in an email subscription package yet.

Last Months Social Media Goals

October 2016 Goals: Blog, Social Media, and Life Goals

Twitter --> I lost 4 followers instead of gaining. I'm assuming this is due to the giveaway boost I had.
I tweeted to about 40 people and not 200 people.
I had 2,519 impressions.

Instagram --> I lost 10 followers on Instagram.
I did not comment on anyone's pictures.
I posted 2 pictures last month.

Google Plus --> I gained 9 followers.
I did not comment on anyone's post.

Facebook Cosplay Page  ---> The goal was to gain 60 followers and I gained 73!!
I did link to my social networks and post every blog post I made on there.

Pinterest (currently 469) ---> I gained 12 new followers.
I did post on a few other boards.
I did create 2 new boards.

Youtube ---> I lost a subscriber.
I posted one video and commented on no one's video.

Life Goals

Buy textbooks for school.
I had to buy my books because I started class 2 weeks ago.

Work out 3x a week. --> FAILED.
I worked out maybe once every week. I need to really step my game up with this.

Clean studio. ---> FAILED.
I ended up working on other projects as usual.

Giveaway clothes I don't wear.
I did end up giving away some of my stuff, but there's still a lot I need to get rid of.

Go to Arts, Beats, & Eats and blog about it. --> Partial completion.
I did go to Arts, Beats, & Eats.... but I did not blog about it.

Attend first Comic Con convention and blog about it. --> COMPLETED!!
I went to my first Con and I cosplayed for the first time in public!!! I did enjoy myself.
Check out what happened here.

Create 7 items for online store. --> Partial completion.
I created 4 items for my store.


October 2016 Goals: Blog, Social Media, and Life Goals

October 2016 Blog Goals

Post at least 3x a week.
Share posts on social media.
Comment on 50 different bloggers' websites.

Invest in email subscription package.

Social Media Goals

Twitter (currently 625 followers) ---> Gain 100 followers.
Tweet out 70x to people discussing my post topics. (50 direct tweets a week)
Twitter Impression goal ----> 5000

Instagram (currently 558) ---> Gain 10 followers.
Comment on 50 different Instagramers pictures. 
Post at least once a week.

Google Plus (currently 533) ---> Gain 50 followers.
Comment on 50 posts in communities I am apart of.

Facebook Cosplay Page (currently 218) ---> Gain 60 followers.
Link Facebook page in every blog post I make.
Share page on all networks.

Pinterest (currently 481) ---> Gain 20 followers.
Create 5 new boards and pin 50 pins on each one of them.
Pin to other boards.
Pin my own posts to other boards.

Youtube (currently 94) ---> Gain 20 subscribers.
Create at least 31 videos on my main Youtube channel for my 31 Days of Halloween series.
Create at least 1 videos on my kid's Youtube channel.

Comment on 50 other Youtubers' videos.

Life Goals

- Do at least 3 new cosplays this month and share them on social media.

Since I am doing the 31 Days of Halloween series, I know that I will be creating at least 3 new cosplays.

- Complete all assignments for my classes.

Sometimes I don't complete all of the assignments which is how I end up with 89.8% in a class every semester. -_-

- Create 7 new designs for my store.

- Create a Patreon account.

Patreon is a great way to receive donations towards your craft, in addition to offering the contributors a way to receive more work from you directly.

- Attend a Halloween party.

- Go to a Haunted House.

I am completely terrified, but I do want to check one out.

- Sign up for Birthday freebies.

My birthday is in November so free food!!! 

So those are my goals for October. Leave a comment down below and let me know what your goals are or if you have a goals post for October, leave a link in the comments down below. 
I'll check it out.

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