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The Flash Season 3 Episode 3 : Magenta - My Thoughts

The Flash Season 3 Episode 3 : Magenta - My Thoughts Harrison wells jesse quick earth 2
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Even though I'm like 2 days late, I finally saw the most recent episode of The Flash. In this episode we see Iris and Barry making the attempts to go on their first date where it is more than awkward. We also see the introduction of a breach being opened by Dr. Harrison Wells from Earth 2 where he discloses that his daughter, Jesse was affected by the dark matter that hit her and Wally West in Season 2 of The Flash. Wally isn't handling this information very well mainly because he doesn't feel like he is of use to the team without being affected himself. In this episode we meet the villain Magenta who is an alternate personality of a teenager named, Frances Kane, who can manipulate metal through magnetic manipulation.

Check out my thoughts on The Flash Season 3 Episode 3: Magenta.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 3 : Magenta - My Thoughts iris west barry allen dating love
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Barry & Iris dating...

I'm not exactly sure how I feel about them dating now. It's interesting to see them actually into each other, but at the same time a part of me still misses Patty

The Flash Season 3 Episode 3 : Magenta - My Thoughts speedster jesse quick magenta
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Jesse Quick as a speedster

I figured that this was going to happen considering she was hit by the dark matter, but I didn't know it'd be this soon. I am kind of disappointed that the show continues to add more speedsters, but I did like seeing Jesse as a speedster. I'm looking forward to seeing Kid Flash come into his own as a speedster at some point which I'll get to soon later in those post...

Side Note: I also plan on cosplaying Jesse Quick at some point as well or some form of a speedster.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 3 : Magenta - My Thoughts


I liked the idea of Magenta. A part of me secretly hopes that somewhere down the line she becomes a legitimate villain later on in the series who wreaks more havoc since she's still pretty young.

She is definitely going to be a future cosplay idea for me.

Foreseeing the Future

The Flash Season 3 Episode 3 : Magenta - My Thoughts kid flash wally west doctor alchemy
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Wally going to see Doctor Alchemy to awaken his powers.

I definitely see Wally going to Doctor Alchemy to get his powers back. I am actually disappointed in the Flash and Joe for not calling attention to the factor that Wally could possibly consider visiting Alchemy since he is obsessed with becoming a speedster/meta human. I'm pretty sure that that plot will probably be happening around the mid-season finale.

What did you guys think of this week's episode?
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