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Anime I Recommend: Witchblade [ Why Should You Watch It? ]

Anime I Recommend: Witchblade Why Should You Watch It? Masane action drama
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I am not going to even lie to you guys.... Witchblade is one of the most misleading anime shows I have ever seen in my life. This anime is very misleading for the first few episodes. I automatically assumed that it was going to be one of those anime with a ton of sexual innuendo which to a degree that's what it appears to be, but I do believe the creators just used it as a gimmick to pull in a male viewership. However the anime does pull on your heartstrings and does get emotional overtime.

I am going to dive into some of the specifics of the anime without divulging too much info about the plot because I do encourage that you guys check it out because it is rather amazing.

Anime I Recommend: Witchblade Why Should You Watch It? Masane action drama
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The anime is based off the American comic under the same name. The story is about a woman named Masane Amaha, who is struggling to support her daughter. She finds herself being in control of the Witchblade which unleashes this power for her to battle these different monsters. I won't go into full detail about the story, but the concept of the purpose of the Witchblade and the monsters that she ends up fighting is much deeper than it appears to be in the first couple of episodes.

This anime would fall under the action, sci-fi, and drama category.

Characters and Character Development

I do enjoy the development of the characters and the revelations that they experience because you do witness the gradual changes. My favorite characters out of the entire series would have to be Masane and Reina.

Anime I Recommend: Witchblade Why Should You Watch It? Masane action drama
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There are actually a multiple of villains within this series which helps along the plot of the story even if there is only one season of the anime. As you watch the series, it becomes easier to pinpoint who or what the villains are within the anime.


The only thing I will say about the ending is that it definitely holds the door open for a possible Witchblade reboot in the future which I would love to see. With how the Witchblade anime comes to a close, to some degree the ending is open for interpretation where you can assume that the predictable outcome that was discussed throughout the series happened or whether there was an alternate ending...which leaves the door open for a Witchblade reboot.

Check out the trailer for Witchblade..

Overall, I would definitely recommend this anime. It is a really good story and it also makes me a bit motivated to check out the actual comic under the same name to see what happens or if the ending is similar.

It is on the list as being one of my favorites and I do plan on cosplaying a few of the characters within the show, so don't forget to check out my Facebook cosplay page.

If you guys have seen Witchblade, let me know what you think about it. Or if you have any other anime recommendations, leave a comment down below.