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It's 2017! Happy New Year! My Goals + Things To Do This Year

2017: My Goals for the Year + Things To Do List Happy New Year LEonardo Dicaprio
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Happy New Year guys! It is finally 2017! Last year sure did go by extremely fast, but it is a new year and it is time to evaluate what goals that I have set for myself and want to accomplish this year. A lot of people tend to set New Year's resolutions, but I set goals of what things I would like to try because I think that it is a better way to either stick to things or build up momentum to accomplish certain things. So let me jump into the things that I want to do this year and the goals I have set for 2017.

Take 9+ classes this year.

I currently have 14 classes left to take until I get my bachelor's degree in Psychology. I start 3 classes Thursday so I am really excited about it all that I am almost done.

2017: My Goals for the Year + Things To Do List archery katniss everdeen hunger games
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Take an archery or fencing class.

I have always wanted to take one of these classes. I think it would be great for acquiring a new skill or for just becoming a bit more athletic. It'd also make for some more interesting cosplays.

2017: My Goals for the Year + Things To Do List drake dancing salsa
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Sign up for a dancing class.

I have been wanting to sign up for a dance class for the past 4 years, but I never have. I am thinking that I could probably could take a salsa class or maybe even an interpretive dance class because I don't know how well I am with doing choreographed movements.

Begin teaching myself a language.

I would like to learn Mandarin, Spanish, or Arabic. I will probably teach myself Spanish though since I know a bit of it already. I will probably watch some Spanish tutorial videos and get myself some workbooks or just print out some worksheets I find on the internet for it.

2017: My Goals for the Year + Things To Do List reading books
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Read at least 20 books this year.

I definitely need to read more and finish the books that I start reading. I have about 50+ books in my possession that I have not read or finished reading. I always buy a ton of books, but I never get around to completing them. So I plan on doing that along with blogging about what I have read and writing reviews on whether I'd recommend them or not.

Update my Youtube page at least 3x a month.

I always struggle with updating my Youtube page. I know I can update it and do it, but I never get around to completing the editing or posting the videos I have created for whatever reason. Honestly I would probably say that self-doubt is the reasoning behind why I don't completely post or update my Youtube. I will definitely be working on it and trying to update it on a regular basis though.

Update my blog at least 6x a month.

I am starting to get better on updating my blog. Sometimes I update it way more. I do enjoy blogging, but I know a lot of times I simply am sidetracked by life. So I will try to update it more than 6x a month.

2017: My Goals for the Year + Things To Do List play chess
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Learn how to effectively play chess.

I know how to play chess to an extent based on the matches that I have had versus the computer, but I would definitely like to become better at it.

See Lion King musical in February.

I have always wanted to see the Lion King musical on Broadway and they have finally made their way back to Michigan so I am extremely happy. I definitely want to go since they will be here all of February!!

2017: My Goals for the Year + Things To Do List cosplay disney goofy movie roxanne cosplaying
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Cosplay at least 15x this year.

I have so many cosplay costumes that I have not exactly made the attempts of taking pictures of, but I plan on doing a lot of cosplays for this year. I am excited!!

Attend 5 cons.

I know that I for sure plan on attending Colossalcon, Motor City Comic Con, and Youmacon, I went to Youmacon last year and I had a lot of fun. I haven't figured out about what other two cons I want to attend. They will probably be smaller cons, but it would be good to just put myself out there and network with people.

2017: My Goals for the Year + Things To Do List fashion blog zendaya blogger
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Start fashion blogging.

I fashion blog to a certain extent, but I would like to actually incorporate my own in my own fashion pictures into my blog. I would do ootd and stuff of that nature because I think I am ready to dive into that even though I am kind of nervous about it.

So those are my main life goals of things that I ether want to accomplish or work on for 2017. I am hoping that I can accomplish all of these things and help myself grow within working towards accomplishing these goals.

Do you guys have any goals that you would like to accomplish for 2017?
Leave a comment down below and tell me your goals.

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