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Will Bonnie become a vampire by the end of TVD?

There are only a few episodes left of The Vampire Diaries series, but based on last week's episode "The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch" there is something that I noticed. Bonnie Bennett has been a lifesaver in every season of TVD. She has also been a multiple of different things: A witch, ghost, anchor, legitimate mystical huntress, and currently she is just a regular human. However last week's episode brought a new possibility of what Bonnie could become before the series comes to a close; a vampire.

Now we all know that Bonnie has had a rocky relationship with vampires. I mean upon her first meeting the Salvatore's she got bad vibes from them and also was told to not trust them by her grandmother. She eventually lost her grandmother and father to vampires, in addition to having her mother turn into one as well. She has never wanted to become one, but Season 8 Episode 9's episode expressed that there was a possibility that Bonnie could become a vampire by the end of the series. On the return of a romantic trip from Paris with Enzo, Bonnie shows Caroline a gift that Enzo gave her. It is a necklace with a vile of his blood inside.

Eventually her and Enzo have a heart to heart where he expresses to her that he is afraid of losing her. He doesn't want her to be in harms way or in any danger because she is technically no longer a true supernatural being. (However I do feel like I am missing some information on how she is not still a huntress because of the role switch that Rayna bestowed upon her last season). Anyway, Enzo declares that he would like for her to be around for eternity and that he would not want her to be placed in any danger that could cause her death.

Bonnie expresses to him that she doesn't know what would happen to Elena if she became a vampire and that she knows how hard it is to be a vampire.

 Therefore she doesn't want to become one, but if she knew for certain that Elena would still be able to wake up and live... she would consider becoming a vampire to a degree. She also mentions that Enzo could possibly take the cure to become human so that they he would not have to out live her.

Based on all of this, it is safe to say that one of these three possibilities will happen.

the vampire diaries Will Bonnie Bennett become a vampire for enzo by the end of TVD?
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1. Bonnie will become a vampire.
I think it would be interesting to see her as one, but at the same time I like her as a human.

2. Enzo will take the cure and become human.
I actually kind of hope Enzo would be able to take a part of the cure, but not the whole cure and be able to live a happy life with Bonnie. I would love to see them have kids even, but I don't know how he would be able to deal with having a normal life unless he were to become a human later on when Bonnie is much older. Of course I am also wondering if Bonnie is going to attempt to make a cure or acquire the leftover cure that Elena gave to Damon to hold onto.

3. Bonnie may die at the end of the series.
The talk of death is definitely foreshadowing the possibility. I would hate for Bonnie to die at the end because she has always sacrificed constantly for everyone. I kind of just want her to have a happy ending and die peacefully. I would love to even just see Enzo and her move far away from vampires so that she could stay out of harms way.

I am definitely sure that at least one of these three things will happen, but I am not sure which one.
So what do you guys think will be Bonnie's fate?
Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think.