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13 Japanese Lolita OOTD's That You'll Love on Instagram

13 Japanese Lolita Bloggers' OOTD's That You'll Love on Instagram
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( black lolita dress with white collar,  white & red, & navy dress)

I absolutely love Lolita fashion! It always reminds me of anime or different whimsical fashion design concepts that I could visualize in storybooks that I have read in the past. Lolita can be a combination of vintage fashion to kawaii or fairy kei fashion along with an assortment of other types of trendy styles. So today I will be sharing with you guys my top instagram picks for lolita fashion.

A post shared by Laura (@doughnutdisaster) on

@doughnutdisaster wore this lovely lavender lolita dress. I could actually see myself wearing the dress with some lavender mary janes or keds.

A post shared by Kata (@electricspacecarousel) on

I am in love with @electricspacecarousel's pink cat face purse!!

A post shared by Spiro (@spiro_j) on

@spiro_j's outfit is lolita meets punk meets alternative fashion.

@miladeblois's crown dress is absolutely perfection.

A post shared by ζœ¨ζ‘ε„ͺ Kimura U (@kimura_u) on

@kimura_u's lolita dress reminds me of the fairy tale Hansel & Gretel for some reason. I think it's the cupcakes.

@mysterious_condiments ensemble is definitely giving me a whimsical storybook vibe. I love those stockings that she is wearing!

@canniny is inspiring me to have pink and purple hair!

I want princess_honey_bun's entire outfit!! The dress is gorgeous and the hat definitely completes this look!

A post shared by Miao🐱 (@shmilydoya) on

I really like the whole aesthetic of the fashion and the background of this picture on @shmilydoya's instagram.

I really like the combination of pink and brown in @sweetlullabai's ootd. I love her bag the most though.

A post shared by Amira (@amiramorfati) on

I adore @amiramorfati's bow on her dress! And those shoes are everything!!

A post shared by Tori Time (@positori) on

I would wear @positori's entire ensemble everyday! I could see this as being a school uniform on an anime show.

A post shared by Choco-chan (@littlegnarwhal) on

Even though @littlegnarwhal's instagram post was shared 4 weeks ago, it is a very fashionable lolita ootd.

I hope that you guys enjoyed the lolita fashion instagram picks that I chose. I love all of these lolita styles and I would love to dress in lolita fashion myself. It is one of those fashion trends that I find to be really unique and whimsical. I will be sharing more lolita styles that I love in the future.

Do you guys enjoy lolita or are any of you lolita fashionistas?
Leave a comment down below with a link to your blog or instagram. 
<3 I would love to see your lolita outfits! <3