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Tried It: Shopping on the Haband (Blair) catalog website for Winter Coats | Shopping

Tried It: Shopping on the Haband (Blair) catalog website for Winter Coats | Shopping Online

So it has been a struggle for me to find a decent coat, especially when shopping online. I know a few of you probably see some coats that you like online and you wonder about whether the company is reputable. I know I personally wonder whether the item is of good quality and whether I'll actually get the item I payed for. So I decided to shop online at this website called Haband. Haband is a website that sells a lot of clothes and shoes for women looking for something professional or casual. It is apart of the Blair brand franchise. I've been receiving their catalogs since I was like 10.. Actually I want to say my grandmother used to shop at this store and I eventually signed up for their catalogs as well. I won't even lie to you guys...the items from this company seems like they are mostly directed towards women ages 30+. However they do have a lot of affordable and simple items that I would like to purchase.. So I decided to go ahead and buy some coats from them. This is what my experience with shopping with Haband was like...

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The shopping experience was easy enough. I added the same coat, but in two different sizes & two different colors to the checkout cart. I put in my address information and I paid. I bought it when there was a deal going on and I was able to get the coats at a decent price. I paid for both coats. Unfortunately one coat was back ordered and I had to wait a while to receive it.

I paid through Paypal.

I tried to find the coat I purchased, but I guess they sold out of it. So here is a link to their other parka coats.


How the package looked when it shipped to me.

The coat in the inside of the package.

The sales papers that came along with the package to get me to buy more items from their website and affiliated websites.

My order came in two separate packages. The first coat was available and was ship to me within 2 weeks. The second coat I received within another 2 weeks in the same type of packaging. To my knowledge, they both were shipped through USPS.

Customer Service

My first order was shipped to me and I figured I'd only have to wait about 2 weeks before they shipped the second coat, but I did not receive any update on the status of the second coat. So I left a message through Haband's "Email Us" link. I was contacted within 48 hours on the status of my second coat purchase. The shipment of coats within the size that I wanted had not come in yet which was pretty unfortunate. In about another week, I received a message telling me that my package was being delivered.

The coats' quality

The first coat had a hole in the front there was a legitimate "Oh you guys did not sew this pocket at the bottom at all" moment. However I wasn't upset because I could easily sew it together myself.

The hole in the coat.

I easily sewed it back together though.

The top of the coat.

The bottom of the coat.

It also had a few loose strings, but I cut them off with scissors.

The second coat was perfect. There were no loose strings and everything was sewn nicely. 

I kind of wish the faux fur on the hood was a bit fluffy and fuller on both of the coats, but other than that. They both were fairly nice coats.

The second coat in black.

The coat is definitely a coat where you would use for layering purposes. This coat is for when the weather is 30 degrees or above and nothing lower than that. I live in Michigan and the weather changes a lot here, especially in the Winter time. Sooo if you buy this coat, make sure you buy it big enough to the point where you can layer underneath it while wearing it.

Would I buy from again?

I would, but when it comes to coats I would probably order 2-3 sizes up. The items I bought were of a decent quality and even though it did take a while for my items to reach me, I did like all of them. I plan on buying some jackets and shoes from them in the future so stay tuned for that on my blog.

Are there any websites that you guys would like for me to review?
Leave a comment down below and I'll see about checking them out.