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The Fierce Voxbox from Influenster is Pretty Awesome!

This Fierce Voxbox Beauty Box from Influenster is Pretty Awesome! beauty subscription box
Influenster Fierce Voxbox
I love whenever I receive something new to try in the mail. Influenster sent me their Fierce Voxbox which had a lot of goodies in it to help within my beauty regimen. I wanted to share with you guys what I received and some beauty tips I have for you guys within using some of these amazing beauty products.

Check out what was inside my Fierce Voxbox that I received compliments of Influenster.

Fierce Voxbox Beauty Box Influenster beauty subscription box sinful colors nail polish kandee johnson

I absolutely love this Sinful Colors nail polish. In this box I was sent the color "Kiss Goodnight" from Kandee Johnson's Sinful nail polish collection line. The collection is called Anime which is pretty awesome since I am a big anime fan. The color I received is like a periwinkle color and it looks gorgeous. I love pastel colors, especially right now because they are prefect for the Spring time.

**Beauty Hack: Sinful colors nail polish lasts longer when you polish a thick layer of the polish onto your nails. When you dip the brush into the polish, do not brush the access back into the nail polish bottle. Simply brush it onto your nails creating an even and thick layer. The nail polish will not chip for 2 weeks straight if you apply it this way.

Fierce Voxbox Beauty Box Influenster beauty subscription box Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners

These Carefree Acti-Fresh liners are a must have for keeping you dry. To be completely honest, I love wearing these liners because they are very absorbent. I do not have to worry about my underwear or the clothes that I'm wearing. I keep these in my bag at all times.

Fierce Voxbox Beauty Box Influenster beauty subscription box Vaseline Jelly

Vaseline is definitely a must have beauty product. I tend to use it on my eyebrows to smooth them out. I also love using Vaseline jelly on my feet.

Fierce Voxbox Beauty Box Influenster beauty subscription box Vaseline Jelly soft feet

Beauty Hack: Before you go to bed, rub some Vaseline Jelly on your feet. Put some of socks on and go to sleep. Wake up in the morning with soft feet.

Fierce Voxbox Beauty Box Influenster beauty subscription box Shea Moisture Argan oil almond milk smooth and tame

Shea Moisture is amazing! I tried the Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth & Tame shampoo and the Blow Out creme. Both products have Marshmallow Root Extract & Cherimaya. It all smells really good. I kind of wish I received a bigger sample so that I could test out this product over the course of at least 3 more hair washes. I honestly can't tell if it actually changed my hair or not, but it definitely does smell wonderful and I love that it has Argan Oil in it.

Fierce Voxbox Beauty Box Influenster beauty subscription box madam cj walker beauty culture brassica seed oil natural hair

The Madam CJ walker beauty culture brassica seed oil smells like all types of love. It claims to condition, soften, and silken my hair while maintaining a healthy shine. It is also supposed to help with hair damage. I just want to say firstly that this oil smells amazing. I would love for my hair to smell like this all the time. It came with a squeeze and release applicator which I really liked. I used this to hydrate my scalp a bit because I do tend to get dandruff on my scalp after a while if it is not hydrated. It does moisturize my scalp. I put some of the oil on my hands and rubbed it all over my hair which did make it feel softer. It definitely gave my hair a nice shine as well. I actually may buy a full size bottle of this because it does have a lot of pros. I am not sure about how it helps with heat damage since I do not really apply heat to my hair so I am not sure how it helps with that, but overall it is a pretty awesome oil to add to your hair regimen.

Overall, I loved everything that I received in the Fierce Voxbox. I usually love whenever Influenster sends me any sort of Voxbox because I am always happy with what I receive. Plus it's a free subsciption box which is awesome. I can't wait to see what else they send me in the future.

If you would like to join Influenster, head on over to their website to create an account and connect all of your social media links.

So what did you guys think of all of the stuff that I received?
Do you guys use any of these products or would you try any of them?
Leave a comment down below and tell me your thoughts.