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18 Amazing Sailor Moon Cosplays I Found on Instagram

18 Amazing Sailor Moon Cosplays I Found on Instagram anime magical girl kawaii otaku wicked lady
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It's Moonie Monday guys!!! Moonie Monday is one of those days that is dedicated to my love for Sailor Moon even though any day is dedicated to Sailor Moon, I'm just goin to say it's Moonie Monday since it is Monday. Lol I love when I see Sailor Moon inspired makeup, fashion, and cosplay on Instagram. A lot of people on Instagram are delivering a lot of magical girl power on the 'Gram. All of these pictures definitely make me want to cosplay all of the characters from Sailor Moon myself. Check out some of the photos that I absolutely love this week.

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These women really captured Wicked Lady.

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This gorgeous cosplay of Princess Serenity is perfection!

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These girls cosplayed the Amazon Quartet!!

She looks exactly like Wicked Lady from the original Sailor Moon series!!

This Sailor Uranus cosplay is pretty awesome. I really love the design.

It's Sailor Neptune and Sailor Moon. I love the armor that Sailor Moon is wearing.

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This Sailor Moon x Mad Max costume combination is pretty cool.

The buns on this Sailor Moon cosplay are so full!! I love them! The entire cosplay is pretty great!

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Sailor Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto at 2016's Anime Expo!

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Another Princess Serenity cosplay that I am in love with!

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The armor, the crescent moon staff, the boots!!! I WANT IT ALL!!

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*screaming* THIS IS SO AWESOME!! This Sailor Neptune armor is something I want to create!!!

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Her facial expression even reminds me of Sailor Jupiter.

I haven't seen a genderbent cosplay of Sailor Moon like this before, but I have to admit... it's pretty cool.

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It's Endymion (Darien) and Chibiusa (Rini)!!

*screaming* It's the human version of Luna!!!!

This group Sailor Moon cosplay is enchanting!

I really like the armor of this Luna Sailor Scout cosplay too.

I really enjoyed all of these. I plan on cosplaying a few Sailor Moon characters this year myself and these definitely made me feel motivated to do so. 

Now it's time for you guys to chime in.

Which ones were your favorite?
Do you guys have any cosplays or Sailor Moon inspired outfits you'd like to share?
Leave a comment down below to tell me your thoughts or to leave your links. 

Have a happy Moon-day guys!! 
<3 ^_^