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38 Ways to Wear Black Lipstick

38 Ways to Wear Black Lipstick Makeup Instagram beauty blogger black lips
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I have always been in love with the black lipstick trend. Some people may say that it gives a person a goth appeal, but I think that any person who can pull off black lipstick is pretty bad ass. I have searched all over the web and I have found quite a few women who show us how to pull off this look. So whether you want to try something new or you just love the color black, it's time to reach the makeup artist deep within yourself and try out a powerful black lipstick.

38 Ways to Wear Black Lipstick Makeup Harley Quinn beauty blogger black lips

Check out these 38 black lipstick makeup looks for inspiration.

I hope these black lipstick makeup looks inspire you guys. I am definitely going to try adding some black lipstick to my life.

If you need any help finding a black lipstick, check out these.

38 Ways to Wear Black Lipstick NYX Liquid Suede Cream lipstick in alien beauty blogger black lipstick makeup
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The NYX Liquid Suede Cream lipstick in the color Alien (black) has a lot of reviews all over the internet. Multiple people have expressed this black lipstick as fast drying and going onto the lips smoothly. It is easy to apply and you do not even need a liner when applying it.

38 Ways to Wear Black Lipstick Colourpop ultra matte lip in Friday black color beauty blogger black lipstick makeup
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I personally love Colourpop matte lipsticks, but I have yet to try the color Friday which also has pretty decent reviews. Colourpop even has a lippie stix in the color Bull Chic which is also a black lipstick.

I would honesty try the NYX Liquid Cream lipstick in Alien first since it has so many great reviews and it's pretty affordable.

If any of you try or have tried wearing black lipstick, leave a link to a picture or your blog down below because I would love to see them.

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