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5 new choreographed videos for Rihanna's Love on the Brain, Skin, and more!!

via Youtube
As you guys know I am obsessed with choreographed videos, especially if they incorporate songs that Rihanna has made. Rihanna is constantly coming out with new songs and many choreographers are creating videos to some of her new songs as well as some of her older songs.

Check out these dance videos that I found today and tell me what you guys think about them.

via Youtube

First up, I am showing you guys a few choreographed videos for the song "Love on the Brain." 

Leave a comment down below telling me your favorite video...

I absolutely love the girl in the yellow in the first group and the girl in the pink cropped top in the second group.

This version of "Love on the Brain" is very upbeat and fun in comparison to the original that is very slow.

The next video is choreography for Rihanna's song "Desperado."

I really enjoyed the dancing of the guy in the middle of the last group.

The next video is for Rihanna's song "Skin."

I actually like the videography and editing of this video quite a bit.

Lastly, here is choreography for the "Work (Remix)."

I am not going to lie to you guys, the first group reminds me of the Power Rangers. LOL

Did you guys like these choreographed videos?
Which was your favorite?
Would you attempt to learn choreography to some of Rihanna's songs?

Leave a comment down below and tell me your thoughts.