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11 The Flash Cosplays That You'll Love! | DC Comics

11 The Flash Cosplays That You'll Love! ragekittenn instagram reverse flash dc comics
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Don't you just hate when there is a hiatus from The Flash. I have been speculating who Savitar could be for the past few weeks and I have a few clues as to who he could be. Check it out.

However as we wait to find out who Savitar is, let's check out these awesome cosplays from The Flash.

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What did you guys think about these cosplays?
Would you cosplay any of these characters from The Flash?
Leave a comment down below and tell me your thoughts.

Also don't forget that if you guys cosplay or know anyone who cosplays characters from The Flash, please leave an Instagram link to a Flash inspired cosplay photo and it could be featured on Researching the Internet!