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5 Natural Hair Tutorials to Try This Month

5 Natural Hair Tutorials to Try This Month 4c hair afro curl rollers bun puff
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I am always looking for natural hair tutorials to try. There are so many online and so many people try different products or use different techniques to get the style that they want to have. So I like trying out different techniques to see what could possibly help me to achieve a certain style that I would want.

Here are a few natural hair tutorials that I found on Youtube that I plan on trying soon. 
Let me know if you guys would try any of these or if you have any natural hair videos that you would like to see or like to be featured.

I love afro puffs. I am definitely going to have to try this soon. I think the way she did hers would be better for my hair. I usually just put my hair in afro puffs, but I never use a scarf to make my hair lay down flatter. I will be trying that.

Bantu knots are my Go-To when I do not feel like doing too much to my hair and it's a hot day.

I love the way her hair looks with this perm rod roller set!!

I plan on trying a wash and go on my 4c hair soon.

I have never been able to get my hair this straight within doing a bun... I am definitely going to try this too.

I hope you guys enjoyed the videos I selected for some natural tutorials to change your look. Let me know if you try any of these by leaving an Instagram link to a picture of the hair style you tried.

Also let me know if you guys have any favorite natural hair tutorials that you like because I would definitely like to see and even try them out.

I hope you guys have an amazing day!