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6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Emerald City

6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Emerald City witch Dorothy 2017
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I am always looking for science-fiction / fantasy / action packed shows to watch and I came across one show randomly a few months ago. I just recently finished watching Emerald City and let me tell you guys..... It is one of the best shows on tv right now. There is action, drama, and a bit of a love story within it. I know what you're probably thinking when you hear the words "Emerald City." Yes, this story is inspired by The Wizard of Oz, but it is absolutely nothing like it. It is so much better!

Here are my 6 reasons why you should watch Emerald City.

It is extremely different from every Oz story ever told.

I have seen quite a few stories and plays about The Wizard of Oz. There was the original with Judy Garland which of course, can't be replaced since it is a classic. I saw The Wiz with Diana Ross which gave the story a bit of dancing sauce. Yes, I said "Dancing sauce." I have also seen The Wizard of Oz live as well as the Disney version "Oz: The Great and Powerful." However, none of them are even remotely close to Emerald City.

Emerald City isn't a musical. There is absolutely no singing in it. The focus of the story is split up between characters where they each have their own path. I know that within every story of the Wizard of Oz there is a development of the characters, but it still focuses on Dorothy. However within this series, each character goes through their own trials without Dorothy as well as some involving her. The character development is pretty amazing if I do say so myself.

6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Emerald City witch Dorothy 2017
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So many twists...

This show has a ton of twists and turns. It's like one moment you're like.. "I see where this is going" and then the next, "WHAT? I can't believe this!!"

Cliffhanger endings leave you wanting more.

I honestly despise cliffhanger endings, but I know it's one of those things that makes you want to watch the next episode of a show. This show does tend to leave a lot of suspense. However you can binge watch the show on NBC's website, Hulu, and on Amazon since the first season has ended so you won't have to be in suspense for long.


I usually hate the acting in the beginning of most shows. It's like the first few episodes make me just sit there and agonize over how terrible the acting is and depending on the plot, I try to push through it to see what happens next or I give up. However within this series, the acting is pretty amazing even from the beginning. They really created a wonderful cast with Emerald City.


The villains do have some decent backstories that have led up to them being the way that they are. Some of the villains we do not see why they are the way that they are completely. Hopefully the show will get a second season so we can all see how they became villains and how certain things are the way that they are.

The magic

This show consists of a bit of Science as well as a lot of magic. It is rather interesting. I do enjoy the action scenes involving magic a lot. They are really something to see.

Quick mention: There is some blood and people do get killed. If you do not like blood like that, I suggest you do not watch this show.

Overall, you should check out Emerald City for a lot of reasons. It is a great story that is filled with a lot of deception, action, drama, corruption, and love. It's not like anything I've ever seen before and I feel like you guys will definitely like it. Whenever it comes out on dvd and blu-ray, I am definitely buying the series to add to my collection.

So head on over to Hulu, Amazon, NBC's website to check out Emerald City because it is worth the watch.

Here's the trailer of Emerald City if you haven't seen it yet.

If you guys decide to watch it, let me know what you think about it. I really enjoyed it.