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Top 8 Makeup Tutorials of the Week | Makeup Monday

Top 8 Makeup Tutorials of the Week | Makeup Monday Spring
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It's Spring time and I am loving all of these Spring makeup looks that I am seeing all on Instagram. I decided to look up a few makeup tutorials on Youtube and I found a few that I want to try soon. I have been a makeup fanatic for a while and I have tons of it, but I am not too adventurous with it. However that is going to change with me trying some of these makeup tutorials.

Check them out!

Her personality is down to earth. Even though this tutorial is long, you'll definitely enjoy it.

I definitely want to try this look! It's a subtle colorful look. The eyeshadow reminds me of a mermaid's tail.

The colors are so vibrant!!

I am definitely going to try this sometime this Spring. This is somewhat similar to the second video except it is more vibrant and glowy like whereas the other one is softer.

I will always love pastel goth! Anything pastel goth, I will always love!

So much glitter!

That eyeshadow is popping!!

I am always skeptical about going with an orange look, but this definitely inspires me to try an orange focused makeup look.

Top 8 Makeup Tutorials of the Week | Makeup Monday Spring

Would you guys try any of these looks?
Which ones were your favorites? 
Leave a comment down below and tell me your thoughts.
Also leave a link to any of your favorite makeup tutorials so I can check them out.