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4 Reasons Why Swimsuit Shopping Online Sucks | Adulting

4 Reasons Why Swimsuit Shopping Online Sucks.... Hunter x Hunter fire anime annoyed irritated
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I am currently getting ready to go on my vacation. I am super excited because I am going to Kalahari for Colossalcon next week. Within this, I realized that I needed to buy a swimsuit or two and I have realized that swimsuit shopping is a complete hassle. Whenever I have shopped for swimsuits in the past, I honestly ended up going to somewhere like Kmart. However the nearest Kmart went out of business, so I wanted to check out some swimsuits online. Let me tell you guys, when you are on a budget... It can be hard to find stuff that looks cute, but is something I'd be comfortable wearing in public. I want to say the last time I even went swimming was like 2011 and clearly I am out of the loop on swimsuit shopping because shopping online for swimsuits is very unfortunate. So I wanted to share with you guys 4 reasons why swimsuit shopping sucks online.

4 Reasons Why Swimsuit Shopping Online Sucks.... too small sizes anime swimming mirai nikki yuno gasai kawaii
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The top half of my body does not match the bottom half.

Swimsuits come in small, medium, large, extra large, and so on. However the problem with this is that a woman may need a medium sized bottom and a large sized top if she has bigger breasts, which means you maybe stuck buying two of the same swimsuit if you want them to match just because your top half of your body does not exactly measure up with the bottom half of your body.

4 Reasons Why Swimsuit Shopping Online Sucks.... annoyed anime face
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The affordable modest swimsuits are mostly ugly and the cuter ones are ridiculously expensive.

I am a college student who is on a budget. Do not get me wrong, there were some cute inexpensive swimsuits on Amazon and even other websites but they would not have looked nice on me in my opinion or they had horrible reviews. I saw a few gorgeous swimsuits on a variety of websites like Forever 21 and 6PM that had a decent amount of coverage that I wanted, but they were in the $60+ range which unfortunately sucked considering I was planning on buying two swimsuits.

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The swimsuits I want.... aren't in my size.

I have found so many plus sized swimsuits that I wanted, but I couldn't fit them. When I was skimming through the Amazon swimsuit section for a good two hours, I found some gorgeous swimsuits but they were in the plus size range. I did find it rather bewildering though because the plus sized swimsuits that I was examining did not reveal too much yet when I shop in the swimsuit section that aren't plus sized, they were revealing. I mean there is a possibility that maybe someone who is plus sized might want to show a bit more skin and maybe someone who isn't may want to be covered up, but I wish they gave both categories of sizes more variety to work with where the customers can choose whether they want to show more skin or cover up.

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The reviews are questionable or there are no reviews.

Whenever I buy something on Amazon that I am really debating on that I have never purchased before... I always look through the reviews. One of the main things that I do is because I want to look through the pictures and I hope that some people write down their weight or measurements. This helps me with comparing my own measurements to evaluate what I size I should purchase because I am a firm believer in knowing your own measurements. (I've had quite a few mishaps happen in the past where I did not know my own measurements and something was sent to me too big or too small because of my own mistakes of not knowing my measurements). Anyway, many of the swimsuit reviews were helpful to a degree until I would read a variety of good reviews and bad reviews, then I had to decide whether I wanted to take a gamble because whenever you buy clothes on Amazon if it isn't from a brand that you actually know about.... it is a gamble. Sooo because I am on a budget, I decided to not take that gamble right now. I may take that gamble in the future to review swimsuits for you guys if you are interested, but not right now.

So overall, shopping online for swimsuits is pretty rough when you are trying to buy a swimsuit that has short bottoms and a nice top piece. I feel more comfortable in short bottoms personally because of my tiger stripes (stretchmarks). 

4 Reasons Why Swimsuit Shopping Online Sucks | Adulting dw irritated arthur d.w.
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Shopping online for swimsuits is very irritating.

Anyway, now it's time for you guys to chime in with some of your favorite websites or stores that sell swimsuits. 

Let me know your favorites by leaving a comment down below.