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7 Makeup Tutorials To Try This Week! | Spring Makeup

7 Makeup Tutorials To Try This Week! | Spring Makeup Beauty Kawaii Youtube
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I am always looking for makeup tutorials to try and eventually I plan on trying quite a few. I plan on diving into wearing eyeshadow and lipstick a bit this Spring time. So here are a few videos I found that I figure you guys might even want to try yourselves.

Check them out!!

I love this pastel makeup tutorial along with her hair!

This is a very natural glow look that I would probably wear everyday.

The eyeshadow is gorgeous!!

Some of the things I will always loved about the 90's was the baby hair, lip gloss, and braids.

This is another natural Spring look that I really like. I've always wanted to be able to pull off a pink lipstick.

Her hair and her makeup are goals!

I absolutely love that lipstick!

Which makeup tutorials did you like out of these?
Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

If you guys have any other makeup Youtube tutorials that you love, leave a link to them down below and tell me why you like them.