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7 Things I Am Doing In May | Plans + Goals

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I can not believe that it is May!! This year has really been flying by. There is a lot that I am doing this month and I am super excited about everything that I have planned. There are also a few goals that I plan on accomplishing this month as well. I am just trying to put out a lot of positive thoughts into this month being great and filled with bliss.

So let's jump into what I am doing this May!

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Go to Colossalcon!

I have been so excited for Colossalcon since December when I made the decision that I was going. Colossalcon is a convention where people cosplay and dress up as characters from different anime series, shows, movies, and video games. A lot of related merchandise is sold. There are competitions as well as panel discussions. I am hoping they have a Disney karaoke panel. When I went to Youmacon last year, they had a Disney karaoke panel and I absolutely loved it. They also have a rave Saturday night which I am definitely going to. I am also super excited to see the other cosplayers and even make some new friends. Overall though, I am in need of a vacation. So I am ready for Colossalcon!

If any of you guys plan on attending Colossalcon, let me know. Leave a comment down below and maybe I will catch see you guys there.

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Workout at least 4x a week.

This is a major goal of mine. I always end up working out for one week every month, but never consistently following through. However I would like to look somewhat nice in my swimsuit when I go to Colossalcon and I hope that my cosplays fit me nicely as well. I can easily suck in my stomach in cosplay photos, but in real life... I want my costumes to fit better.

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Open my online store.

I have finally gotten around to creating the designs for my online store and buying the items that I needed for them. I plan on actually doing a case study as well for the tactics I will use within marketing in the future to see what works for me. My goal is to have at least a $250 profit a month from my online store, but if I make more than that... That would be awesome too.

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Finish up my semester.

I have a week and a half until classes end. I am preparing for my finals right now. This time next year, I'll have my bachelor's degree in Science for Psychology. I am so happy.

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Send my textbooks in for money.

So I try to send my textbooks into the Book Buyback websites every time I finish my classes. I use Book Finder to help me make the best decision in companies to use. However sometimes I keep some of them for references. I will review the websites I use and how long the process takes me when I ship them.

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Shoot at least 6 cosplays and 2 cosplay videos, but update my cosplay page with 2 new cosplay pictures.

I have yet to update my cosplay page with new cosplay photos. So I plan on shooting a few cosplays this month. I will be shooting a character or two from Sailor Moon, the original Jubilee from X-Men, and a few other shoots. I also plan on doing a few video shoot projects because I have a few ideas that I am excited about.

Check out all of my cosplays and future projects on my Facebook page.

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Update my blog at least 12 times this month.

I updated my blog 19 times last month. That was the most I have ever posted in a month in the history of Researching the Internet, but I am not sure if I will be able to put that much time into updating my blog this month. Overall, I feel like 12 times is a reasonable number.

So those are my plans and goals for May. 
Now that I have told you guys the things that I am doing this month, let me know what your plans or goals are for the month.

Leave a comment down below and let me know your thoughts.