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Tried It: V8 V-Fusion + Energy drink | Can this drink give you energy?

I feel a certain way towards energy drinks. I am usually skeptical about them because many of the ones I have tried had too many ingredients that I didn't really know about. There was also the factor that many energy drinks kept me kind of awake an on edge for a while. However I decided to try the
V8 V-Fusion + Energy drink which I receive compliments of BzzAgent and I wanted to share with you guys my experience with trying them. I was sent three drinks to try from the V8 V-Fusion + Energy drink line.

The drinks are made with natural energy from green tea and it contains 1 combined serving of fruits and vegetables. It has Vitamin A, B12, B6, C, riboflavin, thiamin, niacin, and calcium. It is also gluten free. Each drink is only 50 calories and they have a decent amount of fruit as well as vegetables with it.

Orange pineapple

Tried It: V8 V-Fusion + Energy drink | Can this drink give you energy? orange pineapple health blogger

It tastes like a combination of orange and pineapple. I wish there was more pineapple within it,,

It does have juices from apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, oranges, yellow tomatoes, and green tea extra.

Pomegranate Blueberry

Tried It: V8 V-Fusion + Energy drink | Can this drink give you energy? pomegranate blueberry health blogger

I shared this particular one with my mom and aunt. They really liked it and bought some more, but I personally did not like the flavor. I prefer citrus or more sweeter flavors in comparison to pomegranate and blueberry.

Peach Mango

Tried It: V8 V-Fusion + Energy drink | Can this drink give you energy? peach mango health blogger

Peach mango tasted pretty good. This was my favorite flavor out of all of them. If you try this, I would probably recommend this flavor along with the orange and pineapple flavor.

Overall, did I feel energized after drinking the V8 V-Fustion +Energy drink?

I did feel a slight perk of energy, but I am not sure whether it actually changed too much energy wise.


It has fruit and vegetables in it.
It has caffeine from green tea which would definitely boost my alertness.
It has a decent serving of vitamins.


The only thing I would say that was bad about this drink was the fact that it did make me go to the restroom a lot and I do not mean simply to do number 1. I believe the green tea was what made me have to use the restroom a lot, but it is something to take note of if you are going to have a busy day. Just make sure you can get to the restroom because in my experience of drinking each one of these drinks, I ended up doing number 2 at least 4 times. So please keep that in mind if you are not used to that lifestyle or if you are on the go.

**I received this for free compliments of BzzAgent, but I chose to write a review even though it was not required.

Let me know if you guys know of any natural energy drinks that keep you energized and awake.
Leave a comment down below and share with me your thoughts.