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Attending Colossalcon 2017 | The Good and Bad

Attending Colossalcon 2017 | The Good and Bad anime convention cosplay

I had been planning for Colossalcon since November last year and I finally attended it this past weekend. Colossalcon occurs in the Kalahari resorts in Sandusky, Ohio. I had a lot of fun and I did get to experience a decent amount of the con. If you missed Colossalcon or want to know about some of the stuff I experienced both good and bad within attending this con, check out my thoughts in this post about Colossal and whether you should attend Colossalcon in 2018.

The Pros of Colossalcon

Dealers room: The dealers room had a lot of awesome items on sale like keyblades, action figures, manga, plushes, body pillows, cosplays, artwork, and jewelry. I actually purchased a necklace and my boyfriend bought me a mystery bag from a dealer.

Quick Con Tip: The mystery bags can have some great items inside.

Artist Alley and the day of The Otaku Art & Craft Fair: One thing I love about these cons are the many amazing artists that were selling their one of a kind art pieces. One artist was selling floral crowns while a few others sold paintings focused on different well-known shows and games like Sailor Moon, Overwatch, Persona, Hunter x Hunter, and others. There was even a few artists focused on selling items based on DC Comics and Marvel Comic characters. I will definitely be saving up my money to buy items from the artist alleys of other cons.

Otaku Flea market: There was a lot of items for sale like cosplays from anime like RWBY. There were a lot of video games and mangas on sale as well. There was even an awesome booth that sold patterns that could be used to sew my own cosplays.

Arcade room

I really enjoyed the arcade room. I even had the chance to play Tekken 7. It was a lot of fun. The only issue with the arcade room was that it did seem rather small and some of the games were not running.

Cons of Colossalcon

The rave was horrible.

I've been to one other rave and it was at Youmacon. The rave aka the Night Glowstick Dance at Colossalcon which happened Thursday-Saturday night seemed like it played music with repetitive beats even though it was a mixture of electronica anime beats. It was unfortunate. There also were not a lot of people at the rave because they were all attending different events that were going on too. Every single night of the rave seemed to not be that great unfortunately.

However I did like how affordable the glowing lights were. My boyfriend bought some light up rings for 50 cents a piece and light up rave sticks for a $1 each. I was happy and I am saving them for Youmacon's rave.

The game room was pretty small.

There were games running like Blaze Blue, Smash Bros, and Capcom vs Marvel... However the room seemed to be pretty small. There was not a lot of room for playing games.

The panels I missed that I was interested in going to..

A Mystic Adventure: A Cardcaptor Sakura Panel -I absolutely love Cardcaptor Sakura. It was one of the first cosplays I've ever seen. I am sad I missed this panel. Check out these Cardcaptor Sakura cosplays I found on the internet.

Budget Cosplay Method - I love finding affordable cosplays considering cosplaying can be expensive.

Colossalcon Ball - I have always wanted to dress up for a formal ball.

Cosplay Design - I usually watch videos on Youtube to learn how to create cosplays. I definitely need to brush up on learning how to create things for cosplays.

How to wear a Kimono - I saw some kimonos on sale in the dealers room. I definitely want to purchase some in the future.

Lolita Fashion Show - I love lolita fashion!

Lolita Fashion: A Guide to Shopping - I know of a few places to shop for Lolita items. I think I will do a search for more places since I didn't attend this panel.

Moon Prism Power, Make Up! 25 Years of Sailor Moon! - Sailor Moon was the first anime I fell in love with and became one of my very first obsessions. I will always love it!

Ninja Sword Class - I love ninja swords and I'd love to learn more about them as well as how to use them.

RWBY Pajama Party - I may just have a pajama party of my own. I'll either dress up like Ruby or Priya.

Sewing Basics - I can sew, but not with an actual sewing machine.

The Fabulous Colossal Drag Show - I am a big fan of drag fashion mainly because everyone who does it looks absolutely gorgeous. I would love to learn some tips on how to apply my makeup because I barely know how to apply makeup even though I am a woman.

The Greatest Manga You've Never Read! - I haven't read that much manga, but I know there is a lot I haven't heard of.

The Magic of Mermaiding - I love mermaids and I love the mermaid style of fashion.

Whose Line Is It Anime (18+) - The show Whose Line Is It Anyway is one of my favorite comedy shows. I can watch it and laugh constantly. So I thought it'd be interesting to see an anime version of it.

The cosplays I saw were pretty amazing too!

Check out some of these Cosplayers who were at Colossalcon...

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I saw a lot of Persona 5 cosplayers and a decent amount of Moana's as well as Ariel's from Disney's The Little Mermaid. I also saw a ton of RWBY cosplayers, Haikyuu!! (Haikyu!!) team members, and One Punch men. I was surprised to not see a lot of Sailor Moon cosplayers though. I was super excited when I saw a big Pikachu and even a Hisoka from HunterxHunter. I also saw a few well known cosplayers, but I had trouble recalling their names.

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Should you attend Colossalcon 2018??

Well, it depends. There is one thing I did not mention about Colossalcon and that is the fact that it is hosted at the Kalahari resort which is a big water park. I am not a big fan of swimming, but if you are.. I would suggest you attend Colossalcon because of this reason alone.. I feel like I will want to come back next year to partake in the panels that they had as well as the dealer and art related items that were being sold. Colossalcon does attract a lot of cosplayers and many of them are friendly. Actually most of the people I met at Colossal were extremely friendly and I would honestly go just to meet new people as well as network.

If you attended Colossalcon 2017, tell me what you loved or disliked about it by leaving a comment down below.

If you would like to attend Colossalcon 2018, tell me why you are interested in going next year.