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Going swimsuit shopping online on Old Navy: I bought swimsuit shorts!!

Going swimsuit shopping online on Old Navy: I bought swimsuit shorts!! gossip girl serena vander woodson blake lively laptop
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This was my exact reaction after I made my purchase on Old Navy's website.
So I recently wrote a post on how hard it is to find a decent swimsuit online. So I went searching the web. Eventually I found myself on Old Navy's website. I honestly have never actually bought anything from Old Navy before in my life whether it be in the actual physical store or their online website. I have nothing against Old Navy, I have just never purchased from them before. I plan on buying some jeans from them in the future after looking at the assortment of jeans that they had. Anyway I just wanted to share with you guys my shopping online experience with Old Navy.

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So I just wanted some swimsuit shorts because I wanted to have my butt cheeks covered as I was in the pool for my trip to Kalahari for Colossalcon. I searched on Amazon and I was skeptical about buying shorts from them because of all of the different feedback that was given. I eventually found myself on Old Navy's website and decided to buy some swimsuit shorts. I honestly kind of wish I purchased my entire swimsuit from there, but I had already purchased a swimsuit top as well as a one piece swimsuit from Walmart a few weeks earlier so I digressed. 


I chose the swimsuit boyshorts that I wanted to buy in the color "Ebony" and I purchased them with my card. From what I remember I do not believe they offer payment through Paypal. I paid $13.75 for the shorts which I believe were on sale at the time I bought them. I also paid $7 for shipping & handling plus a $1.25 for tax which came out to be $22 for the shorts.

I want to say I purchased these shorts around 11 pm at night. I received the confirmation email that the shorts had been shipped out the next day at 7:35 PM. 


Going swimsuit shopping online on Old Navy: I bought swimsuit shorts!! Old Navy shipping

My purchase from Old Navy had been shipped via UPSN and was delivered to me in 4 days in a polybag. So I feel like the shipping was extremely fast which is probably why it cost $7. 

Going swimsuit shopping online on Old Navy: I bought swimsuit shorts!! quality

Quality of the swimsuit shorts

I would give these swimsuit shorts a 4 out of 5. They are extremely comfortable and they sit nicely on me. I ordered a size small and I wear size 5 in jeans. They aren't too tight. It is the right amount of snugg and I love the fabric. The only reason why I didn't give these shorts a 5 out of 5 is because even though they do cover my butt there is still a bit of bottom cheek that is available to be seen. I personally would like all of my cheeks to be covered, but that's just me. My preferences might be different from some others and some may feel similarly, but I do appreciate when my cheeks are covered. These boyshorts range in sizes from XS-XXL.

Should you buy a swimsuit from Old Navy?

I would say go for it. The shipping is pretty quick which I love and the quality is pretty nice. Also it seems as though the Old Navy swimsuit shorts were true to size which is great, if you know your size. They also have an assortment of other gorgeous swimsuits to choose from too. If you are concerned about sizing, take your measurements before choosing your size. I believe you can buy a tape measure from somewhere like Rite Aid or CVS, but just to be safe.. Walmart has them too. 

If you guys have any questions about my purchase from Old Navy, leave a comment down below and let me know your thoughts.

Also let me know where you guys go swimsuit shopping too. Do you shop online or in stores? 

Let me know your thoughts.!