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It's July Already?!!??? 16 Things I Need To Do This July!

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I am a day late, but I wanted to create a post focusing on my goals for July. I feel like setting goals definitely helps me within staying on track of the things that I want to get done and it helps me with maintaining a steady pace of growth towards where I want to be or what I want to obtain.

So here are my goals for July 2017.

Health Goals

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Walk at least 2 miles everyday.

I know that walking everyday has many benefits like it boosts creativity for your brain and it extends your life. Of course to be honest, my main goal is to slice off some fat on my stomach. So I want to walk 2 miles everyday.

Eat fruit everyday.

I rarely eat fruit everyday, even though I love fruit. I want to get into the habit of eating it everyday.

Drink more water.

I drink maybe 2 bottles of water a day which isn't a lot. I want to slowly move up to 4-5 bottles of water.

Recreational Goals

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Try a new restaurant.

I would love to try a Ramen shop since I know of 3 that are somewhat in my area.

Read at least 3 books.

I have been slacking within reading books. I usually just read a ton of articles a day, but I definitely need to read more of the books I own because I keep buying them and not even starting them.

Binge watch shows...

My boyfriend got me into watching Game of Thrones.. I am in love with that show. It makes me feel every feeling imaginable. I am currently on season 3 and I want to finish most of the series since the new season is about to start soon.

A also plan on binge watching a few new Netflix shows and movies. I also plan on completing 2 anime series I haven't seen before.

Try 3 new beauty products.

I have a lot of beauty products I have gotten for free or that I have purchased over the past few months that I need to try and I plan on writing reviews about them on here.

Making Sales/School Goals

Make $100+ worth of sales with my designs and stuff I am getting rid of.

I keep opening my store and closing it for multiple reasons, but I plan on making a decent amount of sales this month in some way shape or form.

Complete and submit 15 scholarships.

I graduate next year and I know I need to focus on obtaining more scholarships because I want to start working on my master's degree as well next year. So I plan on completing quite a few scholarship applications this month.

Social Media and Blogging Goals

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Try out Facebook ads and Pinterest ads.

I have been doing a lot of research on the both of these and I plan on trying them out this month. I am kind of excited and kind of nervous. I will write a case study on my findings once I do them.

Blog at least 13x this month.

I believe I updated my blog 8x last month. I definitely want to update it a bit more this month.

Update Youtube pages at least 3x this month.

I haven't updated my Youtube in about 8 or 9 months. I plan on working on that since I have somewhat finished cleaning my studio/office.

Update Instagram at least 10x this month.

I rarely ever update Instagram, but I know if I was more active I would probably obtain more followers. So I am going to work on that this month as well.

Acquire 35+ new Facebook cosplay page likes and update cosplay page.

I currently have 424 likes on my cosplay page. I would love to reach 500 by the end of the month, but I suppose we shall see what happens.

Acquire 40+ new followers on Pinterest.

I currently have 1,276 followers. I feel like I obtain about 4-5 new followers a day on Pinterest.  I do need to start sharing my own work on Pinterest more though. 

Share all of my blog posts.

I definitely have not been sharing many of my blog posts on Pinterest as I just mentioned or Twitter or Facebook. I need to do better within sharing my posts and items I am selling on all of these websites. 

So those are my goals for the month. I will comeback next month to share with you guys what goals I met in July as well as what other things I have set as goals for August.

Now it's time for you guys to chime in.

Do you have any goals you want to accomplish this month?

Leave a comment down below and share them with me!