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To the Bone | What I Just Watched On Netflix

To the Bone | What I Just Watched On Netflix Lily Collns eating Keanu Reeves
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When I heard about the original Netflix movie "To the Bone" coming out, I was pretty interested in seeing it for multiple reasons. Firstly Lily Collins and Keanu Reeves were in this movie. I love the both of them. I want to say I have seen almost every Keanu Reeves movie and I just love Lily Collins as an actress in general. So it is a possibility that I could be being a bit bias within my opinion of the movie To the Bone, but it's my movie review and I want to share with you guys my honest thoughts about it.

Genre: I suppose I would categorize this a partial drama slash comedy because I did laugh as well as shed a few tears in various scenes of "To the Bone." There is a tad bit of romance in the movie, but not so much to the point where it overshadows the focal point of the movie itself.

Quick synopsis: Girl is anorexic. She is an in-patient within another place that attempts to treat people who have anorexia. Girl ends up leaving said place to move in with father, stepmom, and step sister because her mom and her lover were not able to deal with her illness of being anorexic. Stepmom tried to motivate girl to eat, it doesn't work. So she pulls a few strings to get girl to see a more unorthodox therapists, Dr. William Beckham (Keanu Reeves) who recommends that she becomes an in-patient within another facility which is actually a quaint home with other interesting people who have eating illnesses.

The characters were brilliantly put together.

I honestly love Lily's character. She came off as being very ass holish, but she was very realistic about life. I won't go into detail about whether there was growth within her character, but the changes within her surroundings in life cause her to have changes within her perspectives as well with the ways in which she handled things.

I wasn't to big of a fan of the family she was born into, but I did love the ways in which they were individually as people. I would also like to say that the friends she makes along the way are all rather quirky and interesting characters within themselves which made this movie even more intriguing.

It brings forth a reality about eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia nervosa.

Even though I do not know too much information about eating disorders, I know that it can take a toll on people and seeing the ways in which it effects a lot of characters in different ways was rather interesting yet sad.

To the Bone | What I Just Watched On Netflix Lily Collns eating Keanu Reeves i can't stop
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It shows the struggle of being misunderstood, but others.

There was a decent amount of misunderstandings within the movie. For example the misunderstanding about life, why there is an eating disorder for some of the characters, and even misunderstandings in the ways in which the characters carry themselves the way that they do in relation to the other characters making the attempts to interpret what's going on.

Also the struggle of not understanding the self.

There is a huge internal conflict within the main character that I can see is for multiple reasons, but eventually she makes an assortment of realizations about herself as well as the things she would like to happen for her life or even how it affects others over time.

Favorite characters in the movie ranking from most liked
Luke --> Dr. William Beckham  --> Sister --> Stepmom

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The story was great! The characters were created wonderfully where they interact in a certain with each other and are able to grow as well as learn. I suppose I enjoyed the development, but I feel like the ending lacked something. I am not sure what it was, but I feel like I yearned to see something else occur within the ending. Plus there is a character that is constantly mentioned within the movie that we practically only see once within the movie and there wasn't really any sort of..... resolve within that character in relation to the main character. However it might be good that it happened that way since that did seem to set a much more realistic tone for the entire movie.

Overall, I hope you guys check out the movie because it is pretty good.
Let me know what you think about the movie after you watch it by leaving a comment down below!