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18 Tumblr Summer Outfits You'll Love to Wear!

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits You'll Love to Wear! Carrie Bradshaw closet sex and the city
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I always see a lot of great outfit ideas on Tumblr so I figured I'd make a post for Summer outfit ideas. There are a lot of fashionable, everyday people like you and me on Tumblr who know how to pull off practically any look as well as celebrities. However as I have looked through a ton of Tumblrs, a decent amount of them to do not really discuss where they bought their items from and because of this I am going to share with you guys some of the places in which you can purchase some of their items as well as give you tips on where you can find similar items for an affordable price somewhere within your area. This is basically a tutorial/shopping guide for Tumblr inspired Summer outfits or just Summer outfits that I found on Tumblr with celebrities and your everyday, regular people.

Okay so let's jump into these Tumblr Summer Outfits!

**Please keep in mind that I have directly linked some of the similar items down below in women's sizes of regular, plus size, petite, and even tall for a few of them. 

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits fashion crop top black pants
via Materialistic Thoughts Tumblr

1. I tried to find this girl's Instagram based on the link that was displayed from the Tumblr page where I found it, but unfortunately she might have changed her IG name. I kind of was interested in following her though for this simple outfit alone and she kind of looks like Chrissy Teigen to me a little bit... Plus she has so many shoes in her closet! Anyway though it appears as though she is wearing either a cropped black shirt or tank top with high waisted black pants and a long gray duster or cardigan. Cardigans are great for layering, especially if it's hot outside and you plan on going in somewhere that is kind of chilly like a grocery store. 

The high waisted jeans can be purchased from BooHooForever21Old NavyKohl's, and Amazon (1 &  2). There are petite, tall, and plus sizes included in these jean options.

You can buy a cardigan similar to the one in the picture from BooHoo and Amazon.

A black crop can be purchased from a lot of different places, but there aren't too many places where you can get a decent quality one. I usually buy my crop tops from this Amazon store.

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits fashion selena gomez blue crop top skinny jeans heels
via Selena Gomez Fashion Style Tumblr

2. Selena Gomez tends to always look nice in my opinion. Of course I personally wouldn't be able to wear this..or I should say wear the heels because I would fall over. However you can buy a pair of heels similar to the ones she wears from DSW and Amazon. You can purchase a crop top similar to this one from Amazon. You can buy jeans similar to Selena's at Forever21 and Fashion Nova. I have seen black bas similar to this one at CitiTrends and in stores at Walmart.

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits fashion kate moss tommy hilfiger windbreaker 90s
via Tumblr

3. This is a Timmy Hilfiger outfit from one of the brand's fashion shows in the 90's. It would be pretty expensive to get this exact outfit, but there are a few places where you can buy similar looking pieces. If you are looking for a windbreaker, you can buy them on eBay or at a thrift store. I usually buy mine at thrift stores. You can buy red shorts at your nearest thrift store too or at places like Charlotte Russe and Amazon. The white crop top can be purchased on Amazon too.

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits fashion vanessa hudgens gladiator sandals shorts army green jacket
via Tumblr

4. Vanessa Hudgens is definitely rocking those gladiator sandals. I have always wanted some myself, but I never made it around to getting them. I will probably buy these one day. I can't exactly tell if Vanessa's top is just a regular crop top, but I will just assume that both her and the other girl in the photo are wearing tank crops. You can purchase tank crop tops from Amazon and Forever21. A belt can be purchased from a thrift store for a $2 or less or at Walmart. Some denim shorts can be purchased from Gojane (1 and 2), Forever 21 PlusForever 21, Kohl's, and even from the thrift store. I can not tell whether Vanessa is wearing a green jacket or just a green button up, but you can definitely buy a green button up from a thrift store for under $4. If you would like to buy the olive green jacket, you can purchase one from Forever 21Forever 21 Plus, and Amazon
As for the other girl's outfit, you can buy the shortalls from BooHooForever 21 and Fashion Nova.
The ankle boots can be purchased from Amazon.

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits fashion blonde afro skimmer sneaker flare skate skirt white shirt
via Black and Killing It Tumblr

5. I believe this is two pieces, a white shirt and a mini flared skirt. This Summer outfit looks extremely cute and it is paired with some cute teal Ked looking sneakers. I wish they had a link to this girl's Instagram because I love her style and her fro!

The white shirt can be purchased from Forever 21 and Forever 21 Plus.

A white skirt can be purchased from Forever 21AmazonBooHoo, and Charlotte Russe.

The cute shoes can be purchased at Amazon or at your nearest Walmart.

6. A graphic shirt with some colorful jeans and loafers are a casual way to go with your Summer style.

I personally love the graphic tees at the thrift stores near me, but I also love the ones I see at Forever 21, Redbubble, Walmart, Target, Spencer's, and Hot Topic

Jeans that are somewhat similar to the ones above can be purchased at Fashion NovaWalmartForever 21, and BooHoo. Most of these jeans are more of a burgundy color though.

Loafers can be purchased at Amazon and Kohl's.

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits fashion baddie red body con skirt crop top heels stilettos clubwear
via Tumblr

7. I did not really find out who this person was, but within the Tumblr url it did say the words"outfitmadestyle-sami-waist-bodycon-set." I typed it into Google and unfortunately I couldn't find a direct link to the outfit, but I do have an alternative of how you guys can wear this style since it is simple enough.

The red skirt can be purchased from Amazon and BooHoo.

You can get a long sleeve red crop top from Forever 21 and Amazon.

I have seen this style of shoes in so many places, but if you are looking for them online they can be found on Amazon and Gojane.

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits fashion vintage thrifted green blazer denim shorts
via Tumblr

8. Yet again, another girl that I wish had a link to your Instagram page! This entire outfit apart from maybe the socks and shoes can be found in a thrift store near you. However if you are having trouble finding some of the items... You can buy a green blazer off of Amazon. If you would like your jacket to have gold studs on it, you can buy studs on Amazon or at your local Michael's or Joann's. You can also buy studs on Aliexpress, but it may take a couple weeks to receive them in the mail. The knee high socks can be bought at a Beauty Supply store, Walmart, or practically any clothing store.

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits fashion athletic bomber jacket white shorts thigh high socks jordans crop top
via Tumblr

9. This girl pairs a bomber jacket with white shorts, a white cami crop top, thigh high socks, and gymshoes.

You can buy the white shorts on AmazonForever 21Gojane, and Fashion Nova.

The white cropped cami can be bought on Forever 21.

Black thigh high socks can be purchased at some Beauty Supply stores as well as some Walmart stores, but you can buy them online from Amazon.

You can buy a bomber jacket from practically any store, but there are a lot on sale at BoohooAmazonMissguidedMake Me Chic, and Romwe.

As for gymshoes, I would say just wear whatever gymshoes you would like to.

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits fashion blue crocheted crop top yellow skirt
via Tumblr
10. Another unknown fashionista I found on Tumblr. I love the way she pairs a crocheted short sleeved shirt with a yellow flared mini skirt, but it could also be a skater skirt.

You can buy the yellow shirt at a thrift store, on Amazon and Boohoo.

You can either cut up a blue sweater into a short sleeved crop top or you can buy a blue crop top off of here.

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits You'll Love to Wear! black skinny jeans white bodysuit army jacket
via Tumblr
11. I know you guys may think that this could be a Fall outfit, but I would definitely rock this in the Summer time. Plus it has hood that would be great for when it where I am right now, it s raining quite a bit unfortunately. 

I believe the girl is wearing a white bodysuit. You can buy one of these from GojaneFashion NovaBooHoo, Forever 21 Plus, and Forever 21.

The jacket can be purchased from Forever 21Forever 21 Plus, and Amazon

The high waisted jeans can be purchased from BooHooForever21Old NavyKohl's, and Amazon (1 &  2). There are petite, tall, and plus included in these jean options.

The Dr. Marten's boots that she is wearing can be purchased here.

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits fashion pink jeans plaid shirt
via Tumblr
12. Keyshia Dior wears these pink jeans with a plaid shirt that is tied up at the waist along with teal heels.

The plaid shirt can be purchased at a thrift store or at Forever 21.

You can purchase the pink jeans from Amazon and BooHoo.

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits fashion hawaiian shirt vest bandeau top cuffed jeans vintage
via Tumblr

13. This outfit is really simple to put together and you can definitely find most of these pieces at your nearest thrift store or even at a Forever 21.

The rolled or cuffed shorts can be purchased at Kohl's.

The bandeau top can be purchased at Amazon and Forever 21.

The shirt or vest can actually be made by cutting a Hawaiian shirt's sleeve off. Thrift stores are always stocked with Hawaiian shirts you guys! I usually see them for under $2.

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits fashion graphic shirt black sweater denim shorts stockings fedora
via Couturing Tumblr

14. I have actually worn an outfit just like this a few times this Summer and it was fairly comfy for a casual day outting.

The rolled or cuffed shorts can be purchased at Kohl's.

The graphic shirts can be purchased at Forever 21RedbubbleWalmartTargetSpencer's, and Hot Topic

The black cardigan can be bought at a thrift store or even at Walmart. I would also suggest checking out Forever 21 and checking out their assortment of cardigans.

I have a ton of stockings and I buy mine from the Beauty Supply store, Aliexpress, Amazon, Walmart, Forever 21, Target, and Hot Topic.

You can buy a black fedora hat at Walmart, Target, or even here at a very decent price.

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits fashion nyane mpho black maxi dress cardigan jeans graphic shirt bowler hat
via Couturing Tumblr

15. This picture in particular makes me very happy because it was the beginning of Nyane and Mpho's fashion blogging career.

You can buy a tan cardigan here at an affordable price.

Black maxi dresses of decent quality can be purchased on Forever 21 and BooHoo.

The bowler hat can be purchased here.

Graphic shirts can be bought practically at any clothing store or thrift store. I usually get graphic shirts from the thrift store for like 75 cents.

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits fashion vintage 90s windbreaker shorts chanel shoes diy
via Blacc-Mocha Tumblr

16. Another outfit that I have worn that is extremely chill and casual. I also loved that she diy-ed some "Chanel" shoes. I have created some shoes similar to this before and even though it wasn't the real thing, I loved it.

This entire outfit can be thrifted. Shorts similar to this can be purchased at a thrift store for less than $10. 

A white shirt can be bought at Forever 21 or even Walmart.

The shoes can be purchased at Amazon or at your nearest Walmart as well. The designs can be drawn on with Sharpie markers or fabric markers.

Windbreakers can be purchased on eBay at a decent price if not found within a thrift store.

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits fashion plaid shirt black shorts white shirt
via Tumblr

17. This outfit is definitely one you can put together with a lot of pieces that you may have in your closet and if you don't have some of them, you can head on out to a thrift store.

You can buy black denim shorts from here.

Studded flats can be bought here.

A plaid flannel can be purchased at any thrift store.

18 Tumblr Summer Outfits fashion plaid shirt greay gray dress casual
via The Girl Next Dior

18. This is a very simple style that only requires a dress of your liking and a plaid button up shirt.

I hope I was able to help you guys within creating some Tumblr inspired Summer outfits. I will be doing another one of these very soon featuring everyday people as well as celebrities.

Leave a comment down below and let me know which Tumblr Summer outfits you would wear!

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