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9 Goals I have for August 2017 - Fighting Procrastination!

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It's the first day of August and there is a lot that I will be up to this month. I am hoping I can get it all done because I am nervous about a decent amount of the stuff that I want to do, but I will push through and try to complete all of my tasks that I set out to work on. I try to set goals for myself so that I do not procrastinate on the things that I really want to accomplish. So here are my goals for August 2017.


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Order books for my classes for my last year before I obtain my bachelor's degree.

I am so excited that I graduate next year, but I am not so excited about student loans. I have to order a few books for my classes that start at the end of August.

Fun Stuff

Read at least two books and write a review about them.

I have been slacking on reading books. I have about a good 100 books in my possession that I have not read yet.. So I will probably dive into reading some of the books soon.

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Finish the anime Code Geass and Beyond the Boundary.

I started watching the both of these anime series last month and I really like them. They both have decent story lines that keep me wanting to continue watching them. Plus, I found a few new characters that I want to cosplay in the future.

Check out the African Festival.

I have been to the African Festival twice in my life and I always enjoy it whenever I go. I would like to buy a dress or some head wraps if they aren't too expensive.

Networking and Making Money

Sell some clothes I own for the "Back to School" season on my website.

I honestly should have gotten the clothes together that I planned on selling in July, but I didn't. So I am going to pick out which clothes and what shoes I want to sell and put them online. I hope I can make an extra $100 this month by selling some of my stuff.

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Update my blog at least 10x.

I updated my blog 10 times last month and it wasn't so bad. I do have a few posts I need to finish up and publish this month though.

Upload 4 videos to my main Youtube page.

I am definitely about to focus more on my Youtube channels because I have a lot of great ideas and things I would like to share with you guys. So I hope you guys check them out when I publish them,

Update my "kid" focused Youtube channel 4 times.

I have a channel for children where I create little story lines and such. It's pretty cool for me because I get to try new things and create some decent content for children to check out.

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Reach 500 likes for my cosplay page.

I currently have 445 likes on my Facebook page. I plan on uploading a cosplay or two this month to my page. To be honest, I was secretly hoping I could make it to 1000 by the end of this year.... but I don't see that happening. However, even just making it to 800 likes wouldn't be so bad to me.

So those are my goals for August 2017 and I hope to accomplish all of them.

Now that I have told you guys my goals for this month, what are yours?
Leave a comment down below and let me know what goals you have for August 2017.