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I Bought Velvet Shoes!! | GoJane review

velvet shoes GoJane Review

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you a review of the website GoJane. GoJane is an online clothing store which sells women's clothing. You can buy all types of clothing, accessories, and shoes from GoJane. I personally I like their selection of jeans, jumpsuits, and shoes. I purchased from GoJane one other time a few years ago, but I did not share my shopping experience with them on my blog. Today I figured I would share with you guys a great find that I bought online last week and received today.

How I decided on my purchase...

I am subscribed to GoJane's emailing list and from time to time they do have decent sales. I found out that they were having a 50% off sneaker sale so I decided to look through their shoe selection to see if I wanted to buy any shoes from them. Honestly there were a lot of shoes that I was interested in buying, but I decided to go for only a gorgeous pair of velvet shoes. The shoes were called the Crushed It Velvet High Top Sneakers and I bought them in black. They retailed at $22.50, but I used the code "kicks50" to get 50% off. They ended up costing only $11.25, which I thought was pretty awesome. They have the option of paying through Paypal or with your card. I always pay through Paypal when the option is available.


I paid $7.50 for shipping, which wasn't too bad. I ordered the shoes at night on August 21st and received a shipping confirmation the next day. GoJane ships through UPS. I received my package earlier today. So it took exactly a week for my purchase to get to me. 


velvet shoes GoJane Review Shipping

The shoes were shipped to me in a GoJane poly bag. I am actually surprised that it wasn't smashed. I have never gotten shoes shipped to me in a poly bag before, but I feel like it probably makes shipping easier in comparison to shipping a box.

velvet shoes GoJane Review Bamboo Brand

I have purchased some shoes online in the past that were made by the brand Bamboo and I liked those shoes a lot... So I was kind of happy about opening the shoes up when I saw the brand name.

The Velvet Shoes

GoJane Review Velvet Shoes

I love the way the the shoes look in person. They slightly had a kind of have a creeper shoe like lift to them which I like and I would most likely be able to wear them with almost anything in my closet.

GoJane Velvet Shoes

The fit : I honestly feel like I probably should have went a size up to wear them in the Winter time if I wear thicker socks. I believe that they will be fairly comfortable for me to walk in for the most part. I think the first outfit I will wear these velvet shoes with will consist of a skater skirt paired with stockings and a chunky sweater.

Velvet Shoes GoJane
Velvet Shoes from GoJane

Velvet Shoes GoJane

I love the velvet feel of these shoes. Velvet just feels so nice against my fingertips when I rub it. I don't know if you guys feel the same, but I love the feel of velvet.

GoJane Velvet Shoes Review

I kind of disliked that the shoes had a built in wedge within them. You can't tell by looking at them on the outside, but within putting them on you can feel it. When I put my feet in them and I stood up, I felt that my heels were raised and at a slant which I do not like because I didn't really want sneaker wedges. I just wanted velvet shoes. I do not recall reading anything about the wedge on the website, but I could be wrong because I was so excited about the velvet shoes. 


How long does GoJane shipping take? It took about a week for me to receive my purchase.
Does GoJane sale decent quality items? Based on my experience with GoJane, they do sale items that are of good quality.

Should you buy from GoJane?

I have only purchased from this website twice, but I have had great experiences within the two times of buying from them. Shipping doesn't take extremely long with GoJane. I want to say it was about the same shipping time of a week the last time I ordered from them and the items are good quality. They have some pricier items online and a lot of affordable items too. So you will have a lot to choose from overall. Next time I order from GoJane, I will probably purchase jeans and maybe some dresses to see if they are of decent quality too. 

I hope this review of GoJane helped you guys within deciding if you wanted to purchase from there or I hoped it helped if you were interested in buying some velvet shoes at an affordable price since I saw quite a few pairs of velvet shoes on their website.

If you guys have any questions, leave a comment down below and let me know your thoughts! 
I would be happy to offer you some help if I can..