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Do You Want Lavender Hair?? Here's Some Inspiration!

lavender hair
via @yo_its_chlo

I have always wanted lavender hair and I found some gorgeous women on Instagram rocking the lavender style! It just makes me want my hair this color even more!

Let me know if you guys would consider rocking lavender hair in the comments down below!

lavender hair

lavender hair
via @jiggly_puff_1169

lavender hair kawaii fashion
via @yumtheunicorn

lavender hair
via @captainbunnie

via @n_llfd

lavender hair
via @shaimuahairandpaint

lavender hair
via @dontbe.jaded

lavender hair
via @purplesneakers_

lavender hair
via @laurennele

lavender hair
via @bunnysinister

black girl lavender hair
via @glamyoureux

kawaii fashion, lavender hair
via @porcelainette


  1. Hey, Hi gorgeous. I would really love to experiment my hair with this lavender hair color but i am quite afraid about not damaging my hair. Please if you try it on do share your experiences with us. I will love to try it. This looks kind of cool to me. I like it mixed with the shade of pink.

    1. I most definitely will! I honestly would probably try wearing a lavender colored wig before I actually dye my hair. It's less management and you can be lavender whenever you want to. ^_^


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