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Mia Wallace Costume - Pulp Fiction | Cheap Cosplay

Mia Wallace Costume, Pulp Fiction, Cheap Cosplay, Chipmunk Fairy Cosplay

If you are looking for an affordable costume, this is probably one of the cheapest characters you can dress up as for Halloween or for a cosplay. I decided to dress up as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction and I even did the Pulp Fiction dance. LOL

This is definitely a closet cosplay where you can probably grab all of these items from your closet (apart from the wig) without spending any money.

Mia Wallace Costume, Pulp Fiction, Cheap Cosplay, Chipmunk Fairy Cosplay
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She wears a white button-up shirt and black pants. I bought my white button-up shirt from the men's section in a thrift store for $1.25. The prices can vary in thrift stores, but this is definitely the best place to buy button up shirts. Any other place, the shirts will probably be over $15.

I decided to wear black leggings. I bought my leggings from Rainbow a few years ago, but you can buy black leggings from Forever 21, Walmart, or even the beauty supply store for under $5.

Colourpop lippie stix Weekender - red lipstick

Mia also wears red lipstick. I used my Colourpop lippie stix in the color Weekender which is a vibrant red, but I blotted it after applying it to leave a lip stain on my lips. You can use practically any red lipstick. I personally just didn't want the lipstick to be too overpowering.

black bob with bangs wig

Mia Wallace's hair is basically a bob with bangs. I bought a wig recently and here's my review on it.

Around the Halloween time, you can find wigs similar to this (although not of the same exact quality). You can definitely find this wig at costume stores, CVS, or Rite Aid during the Halloween season. You can also purchase a wig similar to this on Amazon or Ebay for under $20.

As for the cigarette, you can buy a pack of cigarettes if you like or if you are a smoker you can use what you have. I will be honest with you guys, I did not want to waste money buying an entire pack of cigarettes since I do not smoke. Instead I decided to roll up a piece of paper in the shape of a cigarette. LOL It is a bit too long, but it did the trick for me.

Mia Wallace Costume, Pulp Fiction, Cheap Cosplay, Pulp Fiction dance
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Overall, you should be able to get this entire cosplay for under $30. In total, I spent around $23 for this cosplay (if I include my past purchases like the shirt I thrifted last year or the leggings I purchased a couple of years ago).

I hope this helps you guys if you are searching for an affordable cosplay to do on a budget!